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That she might have a soft just a removal of some duties as early as later on this year or she might have episode nine be her swansong whatever it is there's obviously a clamor for change at lucasfilm by some star wars fans and they're very well and abled as fucker social media goes that they wanna see kathleen kennedy go others are are big fans of what she's done with this new star wars universe and relaunched so i ask it to you gentlemen i gimme the news that kevin he's not going to be taking over lucas film do you buy that at its word or do you think that we're just playing coy right now we could in fact see the guy who shepherded the zoo for the last ten years takeover lucasville that is the question of the decade right now going with the guy with the skywalker ranch shirt i i i guess by by default i have to way and i i think that he could possibly i think if there is anything happening behind the scenes lucasfilm and they're talking about kathleen kennedy stepping down or otherwise retiring or otherwise i think anybody in their right mind would look at kevin foggy i because of what he did with the whether he's gonna take it or not he's saying right now he's a fan so he just wants to play with his action figures in the backyard and that's what he wants to do but he is coming to the end of his tenure on marble so what does he do out to that does he want to re up and keep in continued to see the forward after captain marvel in a vendor's for with the rumor what james gunn is talking about doing the cosmic side of the mc you and building that out and doing a black panther to a doctor strange to spiderman that we're getting far from home now what else is coming out so does he wanna stay in be with marvel and continued to shepherd that oh i don't know i think that in the end of the day he could do lucasfilm and he would be a fantastic choice to do lucasville and that if we just take it face value that if kathleen kennedy and episode nine comes out and it's time to to then move forward in a new direction where they pause everything ago okay we might not do this boba fett movie we might do this obi while movie why do the weiss and benny off trilogy over here we might do the ryan johnson trilogy over here let's get kevin feige you're going that big long winded conversation i just had with myself saying that anything can happen so anything could happen in the world of marc riley's long and winding road back to the original place but that's how fans feel is do i want this could this happen and you just keep you got to leave a trail of breadcrumbs before we start thinking about any of this stuff because you're going to get deep in the woods with it so roka please take our hand and guide us to grandma's house okay let's everybody just cold tight and gab grab the person next year we're gonna walk through the woods here let me tell you what i think is going to happen i think if this had been a quieter transition it would have happened by now but by the fact the fact that social media's all over this all the sites are covering it and how did shredder shutout to sharada for being the one person gets allowed to to ask this question i'm sure everybody wanted to ask this but i'm sure he was allowed as question and finally responded to it and had an interesting response to playful response to it so there we go so i think what's going to happen is now that it's so loud they're gonna move a creative person in there and let kathleen be in charge of producing and production cuddly and has an incredible record through many decades of produces incredible franchises may be on the creative side she is not as powerful and we're just that's and that's positive happens it's got nothing to do with anything sometimes it just is not maybe one hundred the right fit bring someone credit and to take over these other things and and then you bring it into port as the overall producer but the created comes in and maps it out like kevin feige does viking is a rarity he's not the norm he's not the.

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