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WWE NewsRadio nine fifty John Hewitt with details, a not guilty plea was entered in on behalf of thirty year old Stevie Hutchins of Lincoln park for police say was his attempted kidnapping last Saturday of a young girl who was with her mother at the time of the incident. Andrea. Jared is with the Oakland County pretrial services office identified as female minor victim of Pontiac further. Please report. She is a stranger intensify relationship to the president. Day, no visible injuries from the Simpson child's mother and a friend who displayed a can of Mace, convince such let the girl go, he fled, but was later apprehended by police a not guilty plea entered in on his behalf his bond denied a chance. We'll be back in court July second for a preliminary exam in Pontiac. John Hewitt, w w j NewsRadio nine fifty US department of labor is ordered Beaumont pay nearly a million dollars in back wages to employees officials say, six Beaumont, affiliated health and rehabilitation centers in McComb, and Oakland counties, stiffed employees on time for lunch breaks, even though the workers often weren't able to take the breaks. They also say the workers weren't paid for the time they put in before and after their officials shifts, the money will be split between thirteen hundred eighty nine employee's Roosevelt. Police are looking for two men accused of stealing. Some landscaping equipment and vehicle this having back on June fourth at be seasonal services on little MAC. The pair allegedly drove away with a. Two thousand eighteen ten Honda Accord, and also swiped, a leaf blower, and weed whacker anyone with information is asked to contact Roseville. Police say lawmaker today is introduced a Bill to put warning labels aimed at pregnant women on marijuana sold in Michigan. WW J, NewsRadio nine fifty Sandra. Mcneill is live and local with the story, Sandra. This Bill was introduced into the judiciary committee, this morning, by state Representative dare random of Lake City. As a new study shows a number of pregnant limits, smoking pot has doubled over the past fifteen years, Renan says there's a lot. We don't know about how it affects unborn children. Some studies show it could lead to premature birth. Her concerns cognitive. And it can affect people in different ways. And, and I can't stress enough that with before this product hits the market for general consumption. And, and there is very little right now to regulate the actual strength of the THC conscience, seven percent of the pregnant women surveyed said they use marijuana in the past month twelve percent. So they used it within the first trimester reporting live, Sandra McNeill, WW, Jane radio, nine, fifty the Gibraltar Trade Center is set to become a marijuana processing center, and retail facility city officials approved the plan for the public market, which closed in two thousand seventeen due to a decline in sales. Local resident Joe Houston says he doesn't oppose the idea of marijuana related business operating at the center. To me what they do. I mean, people going to do what they're going to do anyway. So. That the cars fall where they may. It's still not clear when the new business will begin to operate in the six hundred thousand square foot building Mascow corporation of lavonia makers of such popular brands this craft made.

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