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Financially living arrangements some are losing their homes, their their job situations people have been fired or been told that jobs gonNA close down in they're not could be going back unemployment things like that just status in to top it off all of the health fears that we have behind all of these news that continue to unravel with the virus. So a mental health has been at an all time high from what I've seen in in personally in my profession, but have heard from other colleagues and professionals in our field. So. I just wanted to say that please if you or someone you know is suffering do not hold back from asking for help. There's professionals like Gabby, any other individuals that were in this field for that reason aside from doing our own healing as we were speaking of but we are here for you we went we came into this field knowing. This is what we wanted to do and so we do not give up and to reach ow and seek help because it is tough times when we recognize it also in our own personal lives but together, we can help each other over comments. So I encourage people to reach out for help. Unfortunately, suicides have been in an all time high depression. Anxiety symptoms, etc, and so we we need you guys not to give up and and re tout for that help that you need. Absolutely unless knuckle money that that I listened to. A. Stay. Sunday school channel is stay. For some reason was that Echo Mooney that personas zip code nor or by walk for. Hang US up Beta threatens the hitting lemonade wins. Yes I wouldn't. Either thing for that. They thrashed the House that is as most important. Gay I you. Buy that is state eat gay on get aways no, I guess for me that. In See. Most resplendent. Men that were it. Not, going that way one that is. A guy that yeah. Mutuel was man does they must have something that's. The name then was throw means more program and. Sarah Moss Gain City our Grand Prix relate hugh, but I was telling. To supplement our had. Failed that extent we being? So can you look in this seat Dan Baltimore Lancelot Manas within Aska Yang birthday already time show. Glad the Guy Controversy ads. Mask Lake in all honesty doughy says stay threesome when we political barrel either allies is important this get better produce he's willing but brought the Carolos Amass I. Gues- birthday Monday. Say celebres equal Mecca known different Bulos the mass eat threaten they've been cited most mass drive is not solely looking asano deductible Siempre via known as Solo as be had Gomo Ben's was must ask in Moscow, not n arsenault skipped must. Lastly, wash. Your hands where mass do your part. It's been such a political conversation about Oh should or shouldn't wear a mask or believe or not. There's all these Things being said about what you should or shouldn't do to get rid of this virus but just to your best year part stay save continued to make just a difference in the lives of others an live. Selflessly by thinking that, you know even though the virus might not highly affect you, it can affect someone else that might be by you. So just protect them and protect cells tone or did I miss the as-as Gabby boarded? The bully assayed stay. gusts think you off for listening to this episode. This is were will leave y'all with this episode of nor conversation against you so much gabby for being a part of this. And for joining us today in having this conversation with us. That status. NC grass latter full automatic. WAYPOINT fancy. Them. and must get those. Old Gus gay men, logos, the Omens. You're going to stand in west. Ryan did I'll believe biddle? A stay. Let's get lifted. Emma's give added upwardly the obviously access a automous youngest own business. You see letter. President Su on his win for Sunday but this was A daily skimp assist break toys important. The SAWGRASS board, the present data Allah. Allah this Raina Latina. In Veneto yesterday be Soglio Igam Osama glasses Low Samo Hilo suppress your mutual on as always. Thank you guys for continuing to listen I. Love and appreciate you all very much Lastly, if anyone is interested in sharing their story, know of anyone that is or simply have episode ideas or are professional in mental health or another professions that would like to come on here and have some information for our Latino community. Please contact me. You can email me at knows fam- at Or reach out to me be instagram or facebook at gun tunnels double underscore on Instagram, and then on facebook is just Kinda knows podcasts. Allen Scientists saddling Sinaga. Gillis or limited Gandini loom. Professor. Nile Gif where I went up baron mister show. Contact knows fam-, Oak Lamonica me what is the instagram gifts at Ikea knows Alonzo's leany Selah. All facebook guests knows podcast Estella Proxima till next time. Thank you guys so much. Thanks again. Gabby everyone. Have a great rest of your day by..

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