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What's the situation? Where is it? Well, we got an extreme case of sterling here. It startled Dr Westbound, Of course. Over. Hi. Truck hit the overpass here right at the ramps to Kenmore Square and Fenway. Those ramps are since blocked right now. The truck hit the overpass landed on its side. Got a heavy duty wrecker on the scene right now, they just upright in the truck, so hopefully they'll try to get them out of there pretty quickly. So this is sterile. Dr. West found ramps to Kenmore Square and Fenway still closed for this truck crash traffic just about back to the lagoon right now, But once you pass this ramp system, you're on the break soon after Kenmore getting on the soldier's field road westbound. And this is all exiting delays to Cambridge Street is everybody's trying to work their way back around to Kenmore Square. Now up to the North 4 95 North family had a crash reported up by the Chelmsford Rest area. 4 95 South bound, You're hung up into the bridge work after Ward Hill up here on behavioral south of town, 24 North found brake lights getting the left lane work crews before the 93 split in Randolph. And out on route to westbound heavy delays to the right lane closure after Route 13 exit 32 out in lemon Stir. This report is sponsored by the Home Depot. Find new special Buys of the day every day on the Home Depot app or home depot dot com. Today get up to 40% off select robotic vacuums and so much more for your home plus free delivery to keep spirits up and stress down. The Home Depot. Improving holiday shopping. Kevin Brennan WBC's traffic on the threes are Kevin. Thank you. The weather is brought to us by the sump pump geeks and we're joined by Dean DeVore. Good morning. Good morning, Lori. We had the wind storms last night. We're still getting wind.

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