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Just we had a guy on site, Josh. John's at Saint Louis. He was shooting with Schmidt Peterson motor sport. We've got that gallery up on the website right now. My friend, Chris Leoni, who writes for the site and handles all of my media. He did amazing article on his experience at Torino. We've got a bunch of stuff IndyCar offroad. We're gonna be doing a ton of Crandon and content this week, so keep sure make sure and keep it locked and loaded right there on. On the website for you know, all the latest happenings in your favorite motor sports. Also, this show I want to ask you guys. Obviously I've got my other show project action are asked you to go subscribe. If you're listening. I don't know how you're listening to this worse. So many places right now. It's kinda crazy actually, we just updated our cover art yesterday. So hopefully you guys have seen that on I tunes. We also posted Instagram and stuff like that. Finally got some new cover art, feel like it. Gives the gives a good feel to the show going forward. But yeah, with that new cover art, go to IT and subscribe to the show. We've a rating or review believer rating review, Twitter, Instagram at username. In the review on I tunes, I will see it and I will follow you back. So yeah, when you hit subscribe and they've got the five stars, you can rate us one through five. I don't care, but down in the bottom, you leave your Twitter, Instagram out username. I will follow you back. That's how I know that you reviewed rated in, you know, if you left your name, that's how you get follow me on social media. So I don't know. Like like, I don't know. We've actually made some big inroads with our ratings lately. I think we were up to like a hundred and fifty something and we were at like one twenty. So literally in the past couple of weeks, things have kind of finally, like I'm saying stuff and people are actually listening lands crazy. But thank you guys for all the support of the show. We are going to take a short break. And then when we come back, we're going to kick off hour number two gonna be. Talking to promote across street by Tommy's gone, Keegan Kincaid and a whole lot.

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