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Entrepreneurs for Rockstars profits are kinks, the Detroit papers aren't as impressed. They think that he's crazy. And they they run a blind gossip album item talking about how he wants to look like the Pepsi generation so force. He says fuck fuck few Detroit. He goes out to California. Oh, which is. So as you can imagine the now you've got like sort of the that madman mid a mid run storyline where where the well. Buttoned will dressed, Don Draper. Just moves to California right rounded by hippies. Yeah. You've got sort of the same thing happening here to John Lauren. He gets divorced from his first wife in nineteen sixty eight. She shoes for cruelty. She keeps the house. He says fucking. I don't wanna live in Detroit. Anyway, he's in California as much as he can. He would they say that. Here's a great quote. John would descend from the steps of the GM corporate plane with his sunglasses on and his coat over one arm. Ready to party is an accurate description. Hell, yeah. John takes out a series of actresses including Candice Bergen and Nancy Sinatra John makes the scene. Okay. He's he's going to these members only nightclubs in Beverly Hills where you might seem with me affair Dickie smothers or a rhino Neil. Whoever. Those people are what the fuck is like some of the most famous people of the time, right? Some weeks he'll fly out to the coast on Thursday and comes back to Detroit on a Tuesday just long enough to check the mail and toss some junior exotic a tube of pink lipstick telling them Nancy Sinatra needs a Firebird that color and Nancy with the laughing face needs it in four days. Hell, yeah. That is. That's good. So then sixty nine another big jump taking over the head of Chevrolet in California. He saying that with Sammy Davis junior Johnny Carson who's in the fucking backpack. Now he rolls around with play. Boy, entrepreneurs racecar.

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