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So that is why I think the giants are so often connected to to defensive players to Quinton Williams. If he happens to fall to Josh Allen, if he happens to fall, Montas sweat. Rashawn Gary Brian burns, Devon white. Perhaps, you know, someone Ed Oliver perhaps someone in that, you know, someone out of that group of players. I think that that is where the value is at number six in terms of number seventeen. Once again, let's let's say that it's Dwayne Haskins. And let's say that that he's you know that he's ranked twentieth or twenty fifth on their draft board to take him at seventeen if they feel like he's a quarterback they could succeed with that is closer to realistic value. I don't see it as I don't see it as that much of a reach to say, oh, you know, if they didn't like this guy at six what you know. Then then why should they like him at seventeen because the value is closer to what they have on their draft board. If you know if that's the way, they want to go if they don't think the quarterback is value at six, then you take the player, you think can really impact your defense. I continue to believe I continue to think there's a strong possibility that the giants will not take a quarterback at all in the first round. Maybe they'll take one at thirty seven. Don't know. Maybe they will take someone like Daniel Jones at seventeen, but I'm not buying this argument that if he's not value at six than he's not value at seventeen. I simply don't see it that way. Alright giants fans another question that we have here comes from David freed and David wants to know. I don't see a lot of mock drafts with the giants taking a right tackle in the first round. Whereas I believe that is inevitable. What odds are you giving that the six or seventeenth pick is a hog, Molly? Well, David, let's put it this way. Haag molly's exist on both sides of the football offensive and defensive lines. I think we've established that somewhere along the way, you know, the giants will be, you know, we'll be paying a lot of attention to the defense in the two thousand nineteen NFL draft. Pretty much. We you know, it would be a surprise at this point if the the sixth overall pick is not a defensive player most likely affront, seven guy, you know, and more likely than not an edge guy or an interior linemen. You know, like a Quinton Williams. You know, an edge guy like a Montas, sweat or Brian burns as we've talked about were, Sean, Gary, you know, whoever happens to be on the board there. I think that I'm not sure that I by the fact that you know, quote, unquote, not a lot of mock drafts have the giants taking a right tackle in the first round. I think that we quite often see, you know, someone like John Taylor of Florida if he falls to seventeen mach to the giants we see Andrei Dillard of Washington state or Cody Ford of Oklahoma mocked to the giants. And I think all of those guys are realistic possibilities for the giants in the first in the first round. So would someone like like if you wanna center Garrett bradberry would be guy, you know, who would get consideration in the first round if he's there at seventeen I look at six seventeen and thirty seven and have said this before you look at quarterback you look at right? Tackle you look at pass rusher. You look at cornerback. And if you really want to you could probably throw in wide receiver as as a fifth area, but focusing on those first four. Positions. I would think that somewhere in those first thirty seven picks where the giants have six seventeen thirty seven. I think you're going to see the giants hit three of those four areas. And I think right tackle is a huge priority. So at seventeen or thirty seven I think, it's very very very possible that the pick for the giants at that point in the draft would be a guy who could slide in at right tackle. Let's take a quick break for word from our sponsors..

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