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What I the job I had and I been expressing for like two years that I need to get out of this but I always felt like it's tough, not right now i. think they kind of need me right now. Paula for two years. She heard me hemming and heart, and she was very supportive, and when I quit I called my quote boss and I said I need to step down and he's. Like okay, we'll have a meeting. We'll go to the district that Iran, and we'll tell everybody okay cool. My wife was super supportive I go to the meeting she she was proud of me for stepping down because she knows once. I take on a task I usually just keep going and she's like. It was a big step for me. I go to the meeting. My boss tells the entire district that I'm stepping down. We have like an two hour long meeting and get to talk to the people. Talked to my boss for an hour after that meeting driving home going I. Don't really want to step down. Because I ended up in the role that I that I am still in because it was a role of need. They need somebody to do the job, so I never had a choice to add like. I didn't ask to do it. I got asked to do it and of course being a team guy. I'm like I'll do it. So was soon as I stepped down. Everybody was like. Thank you for everything you did, but we'll blah. Blah it was a relief, but I love dealing with those people so on that drive home, which was like forty five minutes I. got home I said to my wife Mike. I don't think I want to quit on. Wait a couple of days, and then I'll call Steve My boss and tell him I. Don't think I wanNA quit, and you know she said Said I. Don't think you do either. She completely one eight hundred with me. and was very supportive. You needed to do that for yourself, but I'm like you approach..

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