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Danielle, Stephanie, Joe Jr discussed on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen


I was just so mad and then I said Yeah and you made me Senator Pre nope when we first got married. That pre nup say that he can't get a lot from you because you're the one making the money now. I have no idea forbid things. Don't work out. He's GonNa feel like you owe him. I mean I any guy that takes money from a woman at six so low Theresa he'll take it. What do you think I know? Joe Jr alerts knows. Joe is well. We've been the same circles for years. I don't see him doing that. I don't I don't write on the Dallas Reunion. The tension between Stephanie and Cameron was heated but there pigs were a little frozen. Take a look the whole trash word actually came out of your best friend's Stephanie's now don't you dare. I was not calling you a surface surface person. You would around a mean girl. I was an elitist. I was a badger would listen to treat me like a human being not like a dog as Elsa said in frozen to the fate cannot be trusted. Let it go like Elsa says Larry did there you go let it go and you realize wait a minute. I'm quoting it to do you feel like you left with any better editor of a relationship with Cameron. Seem like it didn't seem like yes. I WANNA point out by the way that Mama. D'S WIG is on permanent display in the clubhouse. Right very excited about that. We have a lot to talk about tonight. Your questions for Danielle and Stephanie are coming in but before we get to those. Here's what three things I'm obsessed with tonight I lately on the housewives of Jersey Danielle and Margaret's ability to be in the same room has been hanging on on by a hair. But here's what Danielle might have plucked out that last year when she yanked Margaret's ponytail tonight. Here's what happened. We're GONNA talk about it after. What's your problem trout mouth? I don't have any problem I have nothing to do as he broke them. Disparaged and lied incessantly presently about it and you around on your to keep. You can't help myself okay..

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Danielle, Stephanie, Joe Jr discussed on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen

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