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I'm probably gonna lift somebody up on the dance you're gonna dirty dancing at least the bride and her sister did he because that you rule you need a phone like if you want me to go to your wedding it is my pin tweet still for reason i need a picture that lineup are jerod brown who's engaged getting married he already senate here's what you did is lineup already at all planned out yeah got some backstory for mold j b did you nice he's on his game so those are important things we do need the wedding invite and because our marriage so successful and used to be on a kid free weekend for us so that's every other this weekend is a non free one next is free around that out we can send you our google calendar it is on there and then be ready for the craziness i'm great gift giver though so i'm a great gift receiver that's what i feel like i do best and you invite us to your wedding this great way to get a stick for package oh easily on top of again top of gift yes like a nice pizza stone or like a decanters and some stick football i don't know any of that shit is i feel like that's stuff people registered for okay when you got the first time did you get to go to target with the scanner or did you out of that no it almost caused the divorce what types of things you've registered for not even shooting you i registered for hall canes and that's when she was like no you cannot have the scanner anymore like i don't care i got hall cans on the list hawkins what.

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