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Well unfortunately there's nothing that can keep them out and the trend is for more of them to come in simply because more people are travelling these days are you hopeful when it comes to something like zeka that there might be a vaccine developed for that soon yeah i think there's been good progress towards as seen vaccines part of the problem is is that since we're seeing so many new things come in we've seen identified nine new tick and mosquito borne diseases here in the united states in the last thirteen years that it's just impossible to keep up with it so it's important that we maintain very strong programs for controlling these kinds of diseases as well as people remain vigilant to try and protect themselves against mosquito tick bikes peterson thanks so much for your time very much appreciated doctor lyle peterson is the cdc's director of vectorborne diseases that's not gone to the moneywatch jason brooks is at the super micro money desk looking at cryptocurrency don't expect cryptocurrency regulations anytime soon that's the gist of commodities futures trading commission chair christopher giancarlo had to tell cnbc today jean carlos said while bitcoin is elements of all of the different asset classes such as currency security and digital coin at the end of the day it's for congress in not regulators to decide whether new policies should be evolved for these new asset classes he said he doesn't see that being resolved anytime soon crypto prices have been rebounding in recent weeks after plunging in march with bitcoin dropping to sixty six hundred dollars in early april well off of its all time high of nineteen thousand dollars last december bitcoin is now trading just below nine thousand dollars.

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