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Former NBA star Scottie Pippen has added a five year old girl to a lawsuit he filed last year against her parents for allegedly defacing, his Florida home with markers, and crayons. Comedian Lindsay Glaser, what never heard of before. I haven't either have you ever heard not Lindsey Glazer and Jacob will lotion stayed in Pippen's home temporarily after their house in Fort Lauderdale was damaged during hurricane Irma. The couple was paying thirty thousand dollars a month in rent allow Pippen filed a complaint in December two thousand eighteen for damage to the property, alleging the couple caused more than one hundred nine thousand dollars in damage. It's like a little bit more than bussing up hotel room. Now. Tire house. But in a may second amended complaint to the case. Pippen said the girl then four years old caused damage to certain elements of the property with markers, and crayons, don't they have markers, and Krantz now for kids, the you can just kind of race. Yeah. Most of them are, I guess these parents didn't give their kid those kinds markers. Delays, or the, the comedian responded with this statement, and I'm quoting here, who would have ever thought that Dennis Rodman would be strengthening relations with North Korea, and Scotty, no tip, and Pippen would be the crazy ones suing little girls. I've never heard of as a comedian comedian good good in the update. Pippen also said the renter's allowed of dog and cat to urinate throughout the home causing permanent stains in unsanitary conditions, and they allegedly stolen knife set. That's not all. Okay. So we had our legal. Correspondent Felix Vega go through this very important lawsuit because why not what exactly did you find? Okay. This was interesting. They didn't know where this was go. First of all, what does it mean to add the five year old to the loss? They're not suing the five year old they're suing is a shame that would have made it better. Probably because I know that's the narrative you wanted out totally what I wanted. So the, the way the lawsuit was filed at separated into several different counts, kind of like a criminal complaint would be. But actually when I was digging through this today. The part the big part of the lawsuit the initial one was actually dismissed for not being specific enough. So that's why I had to go back and refile all this. And add in more details about what exactly crayons the markers. Not only that, I mean, they basically just tore this place apart. Really? Yes. And if you're I lived in Fort Lauderdale, so I knew kind of where the area wasn't. It's like the rich part of town where they have all these inlets and islands where these are very, exclusive very Tony homes. You can pull up your yacht on the back to back door. Kennel Ike Davis island this try like times thirty. Okay. Yeah. It's like Morgan with love it. Yeah. So it's like a very exclusive. And so this house, did he was actually trying to sell the house. And so this woman Glaser and her husband, their their, their house got damaged by hurricane Irma. Sorry. And like you said they put in an insurance claim what their insurance company to get to do the damn the rap repairs on their, their house. In the meantime, they wanted to find someplace else to list. Thirty thousand dollar a month. Yes. And it's three times the size of their home, which is also huge in Fort Lauderdale different. So they live in a big house, but not this big, and somebody must be doing really well between the two of them because she's a comedian nobody's ever heard. She's also a lawyer before that comes on the lawsuit or husbands. And a comedian husbands, the architect what he I, I mean, let's be honest. Sounds like the husband probably does I think they were on their meat because this is you think they were just living yet, maybe on our means in, so basically, it when they went to rent this house, they use their insurance companies basically, there were housing finder, when people are looking for a place to rent with their houses getting repair. Yeah. And they set their sights on Scottie, Pippen's house. That is what Scottie Pippen saying. So not only was it three thousand dollars a month in order to get into the house, after they negotiated everything data having to pay for the first three months rent, which was ninety thousand dollars upfront. Yes. Lamb security, posts fifty thousand dollars. I never even exactly, especially comedian nobody's ever heard of according to the lawsuit, and what's Scottie Pippen and saying that she redirected the money that she was getting paid to fix her hells to pay for the rental. Their house wasn't getting fixed this whole time because they didn't have the money to do it. Repealing rent the house and to fix the repairs which is kind of like insurance fraud. Okay. A fifty thousand dollar security deposit. Yes. And they had to have a million dollars worth of rent a Brennan renter's insurance, which they didn't. They never got. Of course not. So I feel a lot better about my renting since I thought I was getting ripped off, but not so much. Well. Yeah. And the way that they lay this whole news media, just like this place into just like a disgusting nest of everything. I mean you had he not keeping the property clean and sanitary. She decided she wanted to have her own cleaning staff. Come in, when he already had a fulltime cleaning staff so he had a cleanings. Yes. Built into the rent. No. She brought her own along. Okay. And so that was another part of the agreement that she had a creeper cleaning staff. Keep the house up because in, I know none of us have these words in our Lisa's. Okay. This is how you had to keep the house in, quote, top show condition top show condition because they were showing the house, not in top show conditioners, also, yet he keeps your your quote. Property and content. Shelby kept in pristine condition and not subject to reasonable wear and tear. It makes sense. I mean. And it was five year old. The cats it was on the market for think. It was ten million dollars with lasting price. But this is what he says that these people did it's not just the crayons on the walls, and they were focused Marcus. Yeah. It's great. And that's count. Three of the today, pictures is like an exhibit of all. Eventually but I mean they didn't even keep like the plumbing was all messed up. They wouldn't keep anything cleaning in working order. They weren't even according to him, not properly using the heat and air conditioning of the playas, and even the elevators there's elevator a reasonable manner. The end not only to the pets were peeing everywhere. Family members. Of this winter accused of paying everywhere, inside and outside. Why? Yeah. The Beverly hillbillies rolling into some rich neighborhood. And just trash on either is the house was infected with insects. Whereas mold all over the wanna live in that why would you pay thirty thousand a month up ninety thousand of front of two thousand dollars security deposit to live in these kinds of commission on. That's, that's not how they found the house. That's what they did to it. No, I'm saying why wouldn't you want to? The house in your living space to those kinds of conditions. They are still living in that yet disgusting filth. Wind paying thirty dollars. That doesn't make any sense, and they stole not only the cuisinart set, they were stealing, utensils door handles and cabinet. Door handles that was handle damage the front gate, which apparently is upset about because that's mentioned like three times in the lawsuit. They damaged his home entertainment center. Once again, the whole urinating pets, and people think, comes up, it was on the furniture, linens beds floors everywhere. Oh, my destroy countless cabinets enjoys. This is what it was like a laundry list kind of bad. I feel like at first we were like, wow. What a jerk through in five year old, right? Kind of saw. Minute. Yeah. And, and I feel bad for the five year. I mean, what kind of life is that for the five year old when you're living in filth bright and they cause by one hundred and nine thousand dollars. But they also they were paying the utilities, they weren't paying didn't keep up with the monthly payments. They weren't even paying I don't understand what it is. They were trying to pull here. Like, first of all, why in the world, would you rent thirty thousand dollars a month place? Essentially, they became squatters is right? And they were trying to, like, basically, there's this whole thing in the law called like adverse possession, wherever you take over a house. You can possibly take it over because you've been there, so long. But usually, that's where no one knows you're there just kind of, like, well, you know, it's my now these people were just like they wouldn't even let him in or that's cleaning staff, in so it's crazy. Yeah, that's nuts. I should've tried save gets on the show. I actually did it his niece when I was up in Chicago. Impressive. When you told us that I took her to Taylor swift. I just figured, I'd I never met Scotty Pippin, though, that whole time that we never crossed pads but I could ever lease rate. Well, I don't know if I would have gotten a response. Let's just leave it at that coming up next. We'll talk about the president's trip to the u k including a fashion. Critique of what he and the first lady were wearing we've got that for you in a moment on PM Tampa Bay..

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