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Nineteen fifty two hundred sixty six at two in Mauritius Schenker was one of the big power brokers in Saint Louis and I mean really big there's a book that is very interesting there's a chapter in the end that it's a part of a chapter in the book about Saint Louis it about Kansas city but it covers the country was by Jack Layton Lee Mortimer was call USA confidential I assume you can get it at the at the library I don't know but boy oh boy does it really put down Saint Louis in a big way I just read just a little bit of this and I want to get too much involved in his I mean they mention a lot of names of a lot of people like city clerk Jimmy Mack a teary owned a bar and twelve street it says a block from city hall and hang out for visiting Kansas city hot shots FAP Fator he had a bar and locust tree that was there not to them many years ago locus on the south side of the street almost to eleven street where they date says they do business with local politicians who sell municipal contracts by the square foot there was the victory bar on Market Street near sixteenth another where high level fixes are made and you can square a murder of backing off your state tax here all I got us over that is quite about USA confidential the year of nineteen fifty two with that that came up well let's go back now to nineteen fifty one a lot of able and feel this you know really was the first really big hit for Tony Bennett and who's still performing today still going strong still sounds great today as they did back then it's because of you the year nineteen fifty one right now the so be you and and small who a lot of people remember we did a lot of personal appearances here in Saint Louis anyway recruiting place like Roosevelt high school in prom party at the starlight groove of the chase park plaza hotel as he was getting his career under way who would you know need to be here still around all these years later well tickets are on sale right now for a really good organization the women of achievement at the luncheon that'll be happening on Tuesday may twelfth and the attendees will enjoy a great lunch I don't know where it's going to be able to find out while celebrating the accomplishments of this year's ten women of achievement honorees style for if that's all dive close to done with but for information on the luncheon to buy tickets you head over to camel X. dot com slash events and you'll get all of the information I mentioned before getting requests their old couple ways to do it if you would like to request a song on route sixty six maybe a gold record some is that's what you're going to be playing this next Saturday coming up all records the only records that have got the gold record award and that doesn't mean there were a number one record which were playing all number ones tonight and last week we did one hit wonders but next week it's gold or any record you want to play one day in the early spring we're gonna be playing car songs a lot of songs related to cars Greg Damon our car expert for came lecture becoming and the other parties have hated that show that said it would be it I'm not sure of the date at this point probably in April well if you'd like to request a song anytime you go to this site rabbit at inter com dot com that's our A. B. B. I. T. T. related double banded double T. at enter.

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