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A Robo copy. He now has a new initiative called Kodak Ko- Mentioning it right. It's not live yet in basically they're going to offer for security and identity services within voice so that means Yes everything will be locked in the chat or in the voice window if you call it that either virtual or veto visual so you as a user. We'll have a record of it. You know that the other party on the other side is authenticated. So that's the official breath bought. I'm talking to and those kinds of services will be needed so I think security from hacking perspective. I don't really care. Because that's that's always going to be an issue but I think that is like manipulation. Am I really talking to my bank and my really talking to my mother and she really need that money right now. I think think the services that really work that well are going to be very important again. That's a very good opportunity. I really expect on a very simple level. I mean everybody always always talked about deep fake videos. Of course you're going to have deep fake audio depict voice and Apple and everybody else will have a little lamp flight. ICON on your phone. Or maybe even audie awarding saying this is a human voice. This is going to happen within the next five years. We need A target will explain this. Probably better you can. It's easy to detect this as a computer but not as a human so we need help there. Okay so I want to get round. He's point on that ask because maybe she agrees with you. But I think you're unusual near total disregard for security so we've got three different examples. Google example is operates rates as it's supposed to but they've they put it in a different environment than Google expected. And so there's a risk. You've got the social engineering attacks which the technology is being used. The right lightweights as people are manipulating it. In a way that they can do social engineering sway they do with email and then we have these technical attacks like the laser beam from across the room. Home which is preying on vulnerabilities in the in the actual design. What do you make of all this okay? So just what they make like the security aspect of it or how. How does that play in when we talked a lot about that? Seems like it's four Should we be talking more about security. I mean yes we absolutely should be talking more about security It's sort of tough to see. I guess there are these different aspects of security. There's the hacking Social Engineering Parts. I think I think what I can speak to. Better more is is Just are sort of evolving idea of what privacy insecurity means. He's like I don't think what I think of his privacy or what. We thought of his privacy. Ten years ago is going to be the same ten years from now So I realize that doesn't quite answer the question but can you be like no. That's perfect. Todd what are your. What are your thoughts? Well you know a lot of the the different hacks that I've heard what about you need to be pretty close to the device anyways so I thought they were. You know there was something like you could with high pitched audio you could could hack hack it Loudspeaker things like that and to me those if if you have to be within fifty feet. I don't see that as a big risk any time that your your front door is hooked up to the Internet. There's a risk but you can also argue. Hey Hey if you got a camera there and You know you have other security measures to monitor things. Maybe that risk is is diminished But you know there is there. There is a sort sort of a another slightly different angle may be more related to the privacy side of it which There was some discussion in our industry about our fourth amendment rights. You know in the states. We've got these amendments to the Constitution that include the fourth which prevents unlawful search and seizure. And there's some arguments being presented that if we invite a microphone and cameras into our home to to record and spy on US then Giving up our right to our forth men rights you know for a policeman pulls me over in the car. The the can't search my car but if they see something thing than they can inquire about it. So it's sort of an interesting Fourth Amendment Question. That's being brought up by this whole new era Of Smart Devices. I want to bring it back to you Ronnie before we close reading something about regulation and the tech giant's and there's a lot of reasons to potentially for regulators to potentially look at the tech giant's around additional regulation. Just because they're so involved all different parts of our lives in a lot of this has to do with privacy when when it comes to security sort of standard of care angle but I wonder if voice a I wonder what voice contributes to this. Is this something that makes the regulation of tech giant's more likely. Are they basically by launching these assistance since become so pervasive they making more likely. They're going to be heavily regulated and then like what does that mean for them and then was at me for Become up and carve out a space sir. I think largely the regulation part has to do with like sort of business monopolization whether they're using fair and competitive business practices but as you mentioned like the security part of it is definitely a way to be like wait. They screwed up on this now. We're GONNA look into them and that's where they dig up all of this information so I think that's swear voice assistance plan like if this is you know as I think it was It was todd. was saying that like you know if you have a microbe an Internet connection or a microphone on your door lock like there is the possibility of it being hacked or information being gotten from it I do so I think it extends the possibility for there to be packs or you know in situations where the the contractors are listening to us and people feel upset about it so anytime they anytime. You have some sort of privacy. The issue I think that gives the government more leverage into like investigating a company and thereby therefore looking into larger Manta trusted CETERA. Issues that they have been already yeah. I'd say it's both a reason. Because they're gathering more information and it's a pretext right because it be sensationalized positional is and then they can say. Oh we must protect the people and so you know can be used for good or for ill but I do think it's pretty interesting. That voice since could be the technological innovation that puts some of this government oversight on the fast track the might have taken a little bit longer otherwise also a billion different reasons why the exam. There's going to be oversight into these companies. One more thing one more one more thing okay. So it could be oversight and it could be breaking them up right. You know one of the one of the questions being discussed in the elections these days you know Elizabeth. Warren wants to break up some of these big companies at Yeah Mark Zuckerberg and so tight these days. So I'd love to talk about this more I really appreciate you guys taking so much time Ryan. Why don't you start? Just tell the listeners how they can learn more about you. Follow the work that you do every week on Rico sure on when you can go to a rico dot net. I think it's bound recode dot net slash Ronnie Mola. Let's see that's right it's wrong. It wasn't so bad. Well you could definitely find me on twitter at Ronnie Mola. It's a at an Ra an excuse me at R. A. N. I. M. O. L. A. or my authors page on code which is sort of long? But I'll put it in a show now it's recovered covered. Thank you so much. Yeah definitely definitely. I'd shout outs around you. See there's some of the best work in the industry so I was always Martin. How about you? Yeah everything I do is always on twitter. Also in Lincoln do alive. Does Google Lens Dash Fitzgerald and you find me if you WANNA go straight to the source. Lens Dash Fitzgerald Dot Com is basically my site. We can read everything perfect tot my company's website is www ww dot sensory dot com that says CNS O. R. Y. and. Let's see I'm on linked in. I'm Todd Mozer. Td Ammo Z.. E. R. and I accept linked in requests from most people in the industry And not from people outside of our industry sounds like a good practice thank you voiced voiced by listeners. For listening all the way to the end the special episode really focusing on an issue which has characterized a great deal of the discussion of Twenty nineteen privacy the insecurity when we thought we were going to be talking about new devices and more features voice assistance. Week keep talking about these potential threats and how we were going going to absorb them or mostly how. We're going to manage them. So I hope the discussion today gave you. Maybe some new insights in the way people in the industry and outside the industry are looking at this. I'm Brechin seller your host. The voice by podcast. You can find me on the twitter African Sela come back next week for another amazing guest but for now other say thank you Ronnie Martin Antioch Thank You Brat Tears..

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