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Resigned as mayor last week. Keep it here for full details on these stories. In the minutes ahead, 1248. Time for traffic and weather on the 8s? In the WTO traffic center, Mary de pompa. All right, thanks, Mark. We're going right in to Maryland work has set up now interstate 95 running northbound our crew flipped around their past the patuxent tour two 16, can't see them, but they are scheduled to be blocking a right lane. We're checking on the beltway through lanham where between 50 the John Hanson highway of four 50, they do have a right lane block to separate work zones, but stay out of the right lane with a delay. It belch bell route one heading south and working toward Rhode Island avenue, single lane getting by the works on there. Inside of the beltway, both sides of two 95 always heavy and slow with the keyword or project going on between Pennsylvania avenue and east capital street as now. 95 in Virginia slows through spotsylvania county across the rappahannock now to 17 Fredericksburg here, the left lane is blocked with a work zone, 66 east toward the beltway right lane blocked, works on both sides of the beltway toward Georgetown pike. That's a work zone on the inner loop box of left lane, outer loop blocks the right lane, multiple work zones on the George Washington, Parkway between the beltway and scenic overlooks, anticipate slowdowns in both directions with a single lane getting by. The electric kids miss out on summertime fun register for the YMCA summer camp and make sure your kids get fun, some are full of laughs, splashes, Friends, and fun, visit YMCA D.C. dot org slash summer camp and save their spot today, married to pump the WTO traffic. Now, the storm team four and chuck bell march is known to be one of our windiest months of the year, and the next few days after today will certainly prove that point. Afternoon highs today will be up around 60° with

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