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Defendants in this case, the dead, Um school Superintendent Michael Welch. The high school principal Jim Forrest and the director of athletics Stephen Traister. T R A. I s T E R love to hear from his many callers on this one as we can. Again. The problem here is what What is the result of this is that You cannot have a different point of view, or you could have a different point of view. But you can't express that point of view. And in this case, what relationship was there? Between what his job was as a football coast. There's no suggestion that he was anything except a more than adequate football coach Andre This return is retaliation is what it is. There's no question that it is retaliation plain and simple. There's just no way to describe it other than absolute retaliation. Hey, suffering for loss of earning emotional distress, loss of reputation, harassment as a direct and proximate result of defendants violation of his constitutional rights and those defendants besides the town of dead, Um, is the Superintendent Michael Wells High School principal Jim Forrest and director of Athletics Stephen Traister. And if any of those gentlemen want to call in and defend themselves 617 to 5 for 10, 30 triple 8929 10 30. Let me go first to Tom in Fitchburg. Tom, You're first up tonight on night side your thoughts on this one. Tom. I do. It's clear that, um he's being retaliated against the fact that he disagrees with the curriculum as a parent has nothing to do. With his performance as as the coach, But we've reached a point here in society that we are now affecting our ability for the First Amendment that we don't have the right to say. What we think anymore if it goes against the popularity of what the times of showing, Um I understand the black lives matter Movement, But all lives matter if you disagree, or have any kind of Opinion that differs from the black lives now their movement. You're losing your job. This is not the first kind of we've heard of this losing his job because he has an unpopular opinion. Well, what it's even. It's even worse than that, in the sense that I don't know that he Was expressing. He certainly had a right to express his opinion of black lives. The black lives matter movement he was expressing. His concern is apparent that this course which was theoretically I guess, geography and history, ancient history and world geography. Which is a pretty traditional course that you would learn. You know what? What The world looked like 2000 years ago. How empires rose and fell and How countries that today might be called The United States of America didn't even exist that I mean, it's a pretty fundamental uh, you know, basic element. What? One on one time course. Wasn't agenda and discuss isn't agenda, guys. They're using that kind of a history class to promote something other than than the ancient history. I mean, why not? When you're doing biology, you know, spend spend half the semester. You know, talking about again. It was a teacher who spent half the time talking about make America great again with that stand. I don't think so. Um, And that's the problem. If you introduce this, you know political conversation into classrooms. That's not the purpose of classrooms. It's not the purpose his his. It is not the purpose. The purpose is to educate our Children and let them form their own opinions. And what we're trying to do is force an opinion down there from right now. Right now, Public education in America has is now lapsed to the point of as opposed to teaching. Young people how to think they're trying to teach them what to think. And there's a huge I I agree with you, Dan. And just it worries me that if your opinion is not popular anymore, you can't voice it. We used to as Americans be able to voice our opinion, right, wrong or indifferent and we could agree to disagree. We're losing that right now. No question. No question time. I appreciate you getting this going here. Very thoughtful call, and police continue to call this program. Okay. Thanks, Dan. Have a good night YouTube. 617254 10 30 Triple 8929 10 30. We get back when I talked to a caller from Dad, I'm rich is on the line. Got some open lines. I'd love to hear from you folks. I think this is a pretty simple case. I sort of tried to run. Many on a case a situation like this was like a law school class. We give you the fax, and then you tell me what you think. Obviously I have a point of view, but I would walk. I want to hear what your point of view is. And if you think that this coach Deserve to be fired for simply as a parent, raising concerns about his about the curriculum the course on what was being taught within the course. Uh, well, she happened. He happened. T o coach in the dead of high school. His daughter was in the middle school happens to be indebted. This is this is, um Worse than autocratic. It's totalitarian. And it is the idea that one I am in power. I will impose my viewpoints on you. And if you dare to stand up and challenge me, I will retaliate against you in any way I can. And that must stop 617254 10 30 triple 8929 10 30 Ladies lining 617931 10 30. I know this audience is intelligent enough to understand what we're talking about here, so feel free to join the conversation. Nightside with Dan Way until you Bt Boston's news radio. 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