Mike Tyson, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving discussed on Sean Hannity


Fans of Sandy West here to take you on a journey back to this week in sports history. We'll start off way back in 19 Oh, eight. Boston Cy Young pitches his second no hitter, beating the New York Highlanders eight to nothing sticking with no hitters this week in 1962 L. A Dodgers Sandy Koufax, no hits the New York Mets five to nothing this week in 19 6. 55, the city of Atlanta was awarded the NFL's 15th franchise it would begin play in 1966. The Falcons lost their first nine regular season games in 1966. Their first victory came on the road against the struggling New York Giants on November 20th at Yankee Stadium this week in 1980 Nolan Ryan, pitching for the Houston Astros strikes out Red Cesar Geronimo to become the fourth pitcher to 3000 career strikeouts this week in 1997 of Vander Holy Feel bleeding badly from his right here after being bitten by Mike Tyson retains the WGA heavyweight championship in Las Vegas when Tyson is disqualified after the third round this week in 2000 and nine Mariano Rivera earns his 5/100 save, becoming the second reliever to reach the milestone in the New York Yankees beat the Mets 42. A Subway Series Sweet and this week in 2019. The Brooklyn Nets load up on elite NBA talent on the first day of free agency, signing Kevin Durant from Golden State, Kyrie Irving from Boston and DeAndre Jordan from the New York Knicks..

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