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I think that's that's one that's very valuable but i think when it gets to like more american ideals they'd be like no that's wrong absolutely rauner horrible you're going to go to hell leg you know there's just no coming back from that man and i think that's where they start getting more judgmental but you know severe had some advice for kids who are trying to breach this divide with their parents be calm and understanding in your conversations with them and advice for parents from her try just hanging out with your kid and listening to them like ask them about their day or try to become more friendly with them and try to build licht the small connection and start small and eventually that connection will grow and doc bond will get bigger and you can get to that big stuff that you really need to talk about severe recently decided to make the first move and start small with her owned mom after having these talks at the alliance and they're not talking about sex just yet it's you know little things like crushes but she definitely thinks they're getting closer joann matai us a 22yearold from rosedale queens told me she hasn't managed to cross at divide yet with her mom who's from haiti and it's hard because she said of course she doesn't want to be disrespectful but she does wish she could go back and redo some of those early pivotal conversations about sex which mostly involved her mom warning her against getting pregnant i know she cares but if i have the overly saloh now devil is at low when i go this way were they do it another way i'm gonna sit down with you and route really gonna talk about this set of just trying to scare me but now joannes decided to take on that role for her younger brother whose fifteen you don't try to sought him about sex because i know my parents aren't going to be for him so um tells that go in her those conversations it's cringe it's definitely cringe eu but for you ever have i think for the both of us because that's why maybe brother abdel really one of britian hindu yvette but he needs to be safe where he ceos has he was like oh i don't wanna talk he was like so square ms now i fully used more he wants to.

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