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At the site. You don't. Like fresh step clean pots sorry about. That's right. It's you know, it's no picnic. You know? So you had to define places to, you know, get more water and. Decide whether you want to go back to the tent. Which was the two mile walk? You know, you're out in the sun for six hours. Fine. But. When we listen to someone for three hours other than Santana. It'd be give. Hey, I gotta I gotta go back home. Yeah. My name my date my website. Thank you very much for sharing that with us. The other the only other thing I wanted to tell you was I used to ten bar at the Tam o'. Not the Tamil Shanta the Tamil Santa's in Brookline. Okay. But is on Tremont. Okay. Is there? Maybe your year after two years afterwards stock. Oh, just a just a coincidence. I said, I gotta call Bradley and just says, well, I've been to both places. So do you know? Do you know anything about the history of it? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Well, I know the owners, and I'm not gonna mention any names they still own. No, they no, they don't they sold all the properties to Pam in. All the old father's properties. I. Participant. Which is Brighton. Fathers too. On beacon street. Yeah. The the. Fenway park. Others three on Charles street. Anyway, there were six this. This four was on Savak Cambridge. They all were sold within the last two months. Wow. Tam? Oh, man. That's a bummer. Are they going to knock down that whole block? I don't think. So. No, I think they're gonna try to maintain. As much as I can. I know the Tam is reopened with different owners. They. I think the places on Charles street, a pretty much stay the same names will change, but it's up to the beacon hill civic association. Okay. Thomas. Very much. You're welcome. Valetta listening to you keep it up. Okay. I'm still picturing you're watching the still picture and Thomas watch Santana doing that. Spectacular performance of soul sacrifice. I don't know what the other sons were because that one is just so smoking you can look that up on YouTube right now, you're gonna watch that right now. Six minutes. It's six minutes long. I believe six plus. And for my money the very best. Live most moving live rock performance ever and have a Bowie person. So let's break and continue open lines. What do you want to talk about is fine WBZ? That's right now. Name. Aw. Bradley, Jay, Jay, talking WBZ,.

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