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I want to thank my guest dr sandor wek steen what a wonderful episode this has been i will tell you i have personally struggle with anxiety so i really appreciate anybody coming on and helping me with my own anxiety and it also helps me with my patients in my practice because the truth the matter is france ninety nine percent of us are going to struggle with anxiety at some point in our life friend santer possesses a wealth of knowledge in this area and i am so excited that he agreed to join me and the you got to listen in on my conversation with him here on parenting great kids i can't wait to have him share more so let's recap my points to ponder one never be afraid to see anxiety in your child to your child needs you to take control of the stimulation and his world three start with the basic for good food good sleep good exercise and good connection with you so until next time parents remember great kids are raised not born pay this bobby producer bag makers parenting great kids podcast we hope you enjoyed listening to episode forty seven children ten anxiety and to you dr makes parenting revolution has grown to over a million downloads you can like dr meeker on facebook and follow her on twitter and instagram'd at meg meeker md as a reminder go to make meeker m d dot com and sign up for her newsletter for giveaway opportunities and updates and don't forget to share the podcast brightest review and click subscribe so you won't as an episode.

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