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Brockett season low points is eighty nine this year they have seventy nine with three minutes to play may get that again who knows what's going to happen in his last three minutes with a lot of subs on the floor for both teams really gave missing at three rebounded by tara clack ops not happy that goes in he might take time out pardon on a forty miss badly right of the mark on an off night for heart he's got twenty five points and eight assists but he's eight for eighteen from us next whistles going to get us to a timeout both coaches you're waiting to get their frontline guys to the batch sixteen points spurs laid aldridge at the top shoots from sixteen twenty three points fourteen rebounds lamarcus old i'm really surprised either coach one of the coaches hasn't called the timeout used to get these guys off the floor to twenty to go i just pick pocketed james harden at half court stopped the ribbon slow mo goes in slow motion tie out mike tony and the san antonio spurs fans enjoying what will be a tremendous late season win against houston the best team in the nba albeit shorthanded here this afternoon but a win none the less they need every team in the western conference respects each other but i guarantee you there's one team the other teams wouldn't have minded if they kind of faded and not played well while diamond stretch nobody wants to see san antonio playing the way they're playing right now if they can continue and bill bridge into the playoffs well as the players especially the veteran players monitoring nobly tony parker have said they're not expecting to come back even if he did come back late in the season would he be ready to play there does these are the guys we got lamarcus aldridge has become the goto guy and they work it out for mayor and dijon murray is worked into his role as well danny green we what he's done in the postseason shot say murray kyle anderson are such an excellent defensive backcourt no they don't shoot it extremely welcome the.

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