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This is the bbc complete range of programmes to bbcworldservicecom but what slash podcast welcome to the latest liberal news recorded at fourteen hours gmt on friday the 24th of november i'm clam mcdonnell with a selection of highlights from across bbc world service news today coming up symboblic his new president emerson gagua in his inauguration address has paid tribute to his ousted predecessor robert mugabe as father of the nation antiolso had this to say quarter option must the store where these care smears serious suv justice must also in the podcast more than one hundred eighty people have been killed in an attack on a mosque in egypt a south african court has more than doubled the jail sentence of the paralympic athletes oscar pistorius for murdering his girlfriend in south africa there's a minimum sentence for mehta which is fifteen years and that's what they've been asking for and that's what they got today and later prefer rupert ry no british the german lopez mike allen local news inc but wasn't this anymore and you therapy for schizophrenia that brings be patient face to face with a computer representation of the voices in their heads but first to zimbabwe where in front of a packed national sports stadium in harari emmerson mnangagwa has been appointed the country's third president airbus in the orlando saved lives as president of the republic of zimbabwe own decisions he's a doctor and build food up warm an defraying the constitution and all other those hopes zimbabwe amid a carnivallike atmosphere in the stadium thousand sang and danced.

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