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Well, I hope I hope we bump into one another someday and renew our acquaintance is always great to hear from anyone from From Reedville. You know, that's a very special place to grow up. I know. I don't know. It's part of life. Eventually, a lot of people don't realize that. Thank you Can't appreciate you call talk to you soon. Okay, One more thing. What? They never did it. I don't understand why it's just loss and why it is the whole state of Massachusetts. A lot of people who have moved out of bosses on the path all came from Boston. I I think that I could argue that we could have had a statewide plebiscite a ballot question as well. That would have been the right way to do it again. I don't know who the members of the Art commission are. I assume they're appointed by the mayor. But I don't know that. I think they have a right to to talk about, you know, art. Is this art correct In all of that. I think that when they get into the area of politics and Political science and history. I think they should have left it to the To everybody, either in Boston, everybody Massachusetts Can I get a scoop will talk to you soon. Okay. Hope to see you soon. Thank you. Bye. We're going to go next to Cheryl Lynn in Middleborough. Cheryl in you're next on the night side on the nights I call it like a redhead, Sherman. Hi. I have a couple things in mind one when all this talk came up about statues in flag and every you know it occurred to me that like or not, there's still the big, huge museum that's been found. And call in the National Museum of Shane Put all these Arctic bear where they will feel adjust and be able to be seen. And yet be safe. The other thing is we started doing all this and it's like dominoes. Abdominal. What about weren't in the Romans? Time slavery in degree suppressed people. I mean, you could start tearing down the Coliseum. Forget that Thomas Jefferson had slaves. Of George Washington Black I'm talking about in the whole world. And, you know, I know I totally get it. I totally get that. But what are we going to knock down the Washington Monument? The Jefferson Memorial? That's the problem. That's the problem. Anderson people The other day, saying that they took they knocked down the statue of Father Juniper Sarah out in California. Hey, was the mission is not people down? Maybe there'll be people who don't like some statue That's out there someday to Tom Brady, and they'll not that I mean it's It's revisionist history. Really think and asking at the dominos that's being put into you know are we should protect right. I'm not in favor of the idea. By the way, I'm not in favor of putting everything in the museum because the idea of Statues in localities gives young people a sense of the history of that locality. And I don't want to have to have no young people in the future. Dr Tio I don't know. Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Tio. Go see the The Museum of American Statues. Caroline. Thank you so much. Appreciate very much. Talk soon. Go and have a great night. Let's go to George and lemons to George. Next on nights were bouncing around tonight, folks. Boston, Quincy and over middle not let Mr Hey, George. All the way out to route to Dan. How you doing tonight, buddy? I'm doing great. I'm doing great. Great. Hear your voice. Yes. I agree with you about? We can't put them all in one place in the museum. First of all very large against house is done it. Can you tell me that how the parent of down without preventing it is their larger People parent out statues. Do you know that? Well, yeah, they're they're all sorts of laws of get a bit against destruction of public property. Of course, I mean that there's there's There's all sorts of laws, and I think there are federal statutes. Out there that there are some people who have been indicted in Washington if you go after a federal statue in Washington, D. C. Sure that's that's that. No one has a right to tear them. The one thing I must say about this particular case here with this young guy Troy, but Torrey Bullock, he didn't advocate paring it down. He went through a process and got to eight members of the Boston Art Commission. Who made this decision. I don't know who the hell they are. They're not elected by anybody. This should have been a vote. In my opinion. They should have been a city vote or as I think Karen suggested a state vote. Stable would be better. I mean, but this is crazy. I mean, it started with ya, Ki. Wait where they changed. Jackie, wait. So what is it now? Ah Ah ah, I'm not even sure it was. It used to be our Jersey Street, and I think they changed it back to Jersey Street is a turn out one of the I think it was I want to think it was Peter Lucas, who did the research on Jersey. And this Jersey Street was named after some Duke from jurors from from England who himself if he was involved in a slave traders like that it was Peter Lucas, who did the research on that. Yes, And and I'm a stamp collected the if you know that, But I am looking at the stamp right now off the statue of three cents a day, and that's one of my favorites, and there's nothing offensive to this at all matters. I didn't realize that Yes. Is that the word? I think so? I can't ground right. Thank someone will correct. I guarantee if I'm wrong, and that someone will correct me. George has a piece of history in the underground railroad. We have the French to straight house here was used to help. Slaves. Get up Canada Way was not aware of that. But I do know that there was there was a lot of homes along the The underground railroad is a matter of fact. From where I live. Yeah, it's brand Florrick has been fixed up. So come on. Let's see it. Then. You have a good night. You two George, Talk to you soon. Have a great 1617 to 5 for 10. 30 Triple 89 to 1930. Very quick break. Come right back on Nightside Nightside With.

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