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Seventy six degrees at six o'clock. Good evening. I'm Jeff McKinney. President Trump is defending his supreme court nominee just days away from the conclusion of an FBI investigation into sexual misconduct allegations, President Trump is hoping to get supreme court nominee Brett Kavanagh confirmed by the end of the week. Senate GOP leaders are moving to vote after the FBI investigation into sex assault claims made against the judge a lot is going to depend on what comes back from the FBI in terms of their their number seven investigation. But I think that judge cabinet is doing very well right now Monday night, the president Moncef Senate Democrats at his campaign rally saying they won't be satisfied with any investigation into cavenaugh. Kenneth Moton, ABC news the White House. Fifty seven year old man is in custody after allegedly violently attacking. Mother in front of her four year old son in queens. Cops say Derek church was arrested and faces several charges after he allegedly punched the thirty five year old mother unconscious. The incident happened as she walked along eighty four Eighty-four street in Woodhaven yesterday afternoon advocates demanding that funding be established for the New York City subway system at the state level through the use of congestion pricing. Amid morning rally of over two dozen groups riders alliance political director, Rebecca Belan says congestion pricing is fair path forward for what she calls governor Cuomo's MTA. He's the only person who can put the funding that's required into the MTA. Jesse Lehman an advocate for the unemployed says opportunities are being lost. I'm worried about the person that's trying to get to a job interview. But she's worried she's gonna to be late the coalition vowing to keep the heat on Cuomo and state lawmakers to include funding in next year's budget at union square James flippin for seven ten w R an FBI lab is analyzing mail destined for the Pentagon after it reportedly tested positive for the deadly poison rice in at least two packages were flagged during postal screening. But never actually made it to the Pentagon, the Long Island town of Shoreham is morning at twelve year old boy scout killed by an alleged drunk driver. On Sunday, the four other boys hit have been released from the hospital, including Katie Lynch. Whose mother is thankful. He's okay. Extremely lucky. Extremely lucky that things couldn't have been worse. Twelve year old. Andrew McMorris was killed in the crash Morris. Loved aviation and American Airlines paid tribute to him on Instagram. Meantime, the driver Thomas Murphy is free on bail and faces drunk driving charges. But those charges are expected to be upgraded. I'm Lisa G for seven.

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