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Dan patrick made it to a friday and it's a meet friday trigger meet friday at that come on in stay awhile we got three hours of playtime here dan in the dench dan patrick show we will hand down the american unathletic association of america trophies as the season came to a crashing end yesterday we'll have that for you coming up a little bit later on u._s._a. soccer versus france that'll be coming up little bit later on this afternoon free agency starts on sunday and the big question the overriding question are the lakers still a mess they were a month ago i don't think you can say they're a mess now because they could be on the verge of bringing in at least one other very good if not great players or they could bring in a couple of very good players finally n._b._a. free agency is here we've gotten all those bothersome details out of the way got rid of that draft and the n._b._a. finals now it feels like we got the real show that was all prelude to the real show and i can't remember a postseason in any sport where fans seemed more concerned about the impact of free agency than who won the title and we get to sit back open our phones and then wait for these bombs to drop of course e._s._p._n. insider adrian motion around keep now he has the big news i so there's always something fun when you get that alert the wo- jr bomb is coming your way this has a chance to be one of the more impactful off seasons in league history you gotta hall of famers you got kevin durant kawhi leonard they could be on the move and several stars are out there and the action officially gets underway sunday at six p._m. so get your popcorn ready and let's make some deals and possibly change the entire direction of the n._b._a. in the coming days i mentioned the lakers you already have anthony davis lebron james and by the way kyle kuzma now who were you bringing in who can bring you can you bring in you have money you cleared cap space because you ship basically ship the entire roster your bench including i think the actual chairs you sent those to the washington wizards they threw those in as well and now you have room i don't i wouldn't panic here when you go okay they have nobody there on the roster lebron in this situation before before the big three came to miami i think they had one player who was on the roster and that was it and you bring in these these players and then you start to fill in and they'll be some stragglers that you bring in we might look back on this roster and go boy can you believe that that guy was on the team you're going to have a couple of those players but if you can get some now i would rather have three good to potentially really good players than i would just one guy if you said that i could get three player patrick beverley malcolm brogdon not that you can i'm not i don't know if you can but if you could donovan if you could get those three instead of kyri i would take those three that makes me think a more formidable team and you gotta think about injuries lebron got hurt last year at his age kyri has been injury prone and anthony davis has been injury prone have to factor that in as well load management that'll play a role as well how many games does lebron play if you get kyri how many games does he play you know is going to the lakers i just can't see that fit for variety of reasons i think twice stays in toronto i really do i think that's the smart way to go about it and can people stop saying the following well toronto's got the blueprint vita everybody you know what the blueprint was let's see let's hope that klay gets hurt and kevin durant gets hurt hey we got the blueprint there are a lot of teams that have that blueprint that they could have beaten the golden state warriors if you said kevin durant not playing and klay thompson is going to get hurt but toronto has a blueprint that were this year if you said golden state was fully assembled against toronto as much as i love toronto this past year in thought it would go six or seven games and i wouldn't have been surprised if they won golden state was probably going to be the prohibitive favorite to win at all they don't have the blueprint but they do have a very good team you're bringing marcus allback fred van vliet he stepped up pascal seok him a late first round pick proved to be great you kyle lowry and if you bring back leonard and you're in the east that's another thing the west is loaded and if you go west young man even if you go to the clippers the west is loaded but just some of the things that we'll be talking about and for you to think about as we head into sunday with that six p._m. everybody's open for business here kawais going to take a meeting with the lakers the i guess the toronto raptors have the final meeting according to whoa jr but that doesn't mean that kawai will go meet with the lakers in might be quite people who go and be with the lakers that's something also to consider i don't think this is one of those things where you do that dog and pony show and we show you statues jerseys and banners and quite knows the history of the lakers but i still feel that he's going to stay with toronto i think it'll be a one plus one that's my gut feeling as far as kevin durant i said yesterday i thought he would stay with golden state but i don't know what is going on with that medical staff i don't know what is relationship is but if there is friction or still friction and katie's been coy on this then maybe he goes someplace else klay thompson leaving golden state i can't imagine although i will say if i could add anybody even guy who won't be ready until february i'm adding klay thompson to that group if you said i could have anybody I would add Klay Thompson over Dangelo, Russell kyri, even Colli I would want Klay Thompson. you gotta have shooters there have a quiet letter question okay if you're quiet leonard and you wanted to live and reside and work in los angeles would you wanna be part of a laker super team or the clippers are your team does your choices that's basically what it is right now well you have to understand his makeup and i don't know what is makeup is i don't know what his personality is what i'm gleaning from him over the years of at least observing him i've never spoken to him i don't think i have but i'm guessing that he would want to go to the clippers i don't think he wants to go in and be just like kevin durant when i came out i remember stephen a smith and some of these you know insiders and they were saying you know katie's looking at the knicks of the lakers i said when you're not looking at the lakers we not looking at the lakers because i was told he doesn't want he thinks he's just as good as lebron and will end his career better than lebron i mean that's his mentality and i respect that he's not gonna go help him win titles because you know what when you go in titles there lebron titles when you lose titles then you get blamed and colli i don't think wants to go into that and you got to be ready to go into that you got to understand what that that scenario that situation's going to be and i don't think kalis wired that way i don't see that at all kyri okay but that's what he wants to do and he wants to get back with lebron we've seen him he's a close he's a closer dangelo russell is not a closer has matured in the last couple of years i'm guessing i don't know he's played well but is that what you want i don't wanna ball dominant guy i mean i rather have kemba walker than i would kyri or de ngelo russell and i think the celtics are making a really smart choice if they're able to get him because kemba is not bald dominant like these other guys are and lebron all-dominant dominant i don't want to bring in another guy where i'm sharing the load but if you said i could get patrick beverley malcolm brogdon who's not bald dominant and i could get by donovan from the pacers i sign up for that in a second i think you are you're the best team in basketball and could approach seventy three wins in a season i really believe that they would be that great yes mclovin yeah always wondering why can't the lakers and make a last ditch effort at kemba despite what which is report that he's going to the celtics like now the lakers have room does that story change i haven't seen anything from anybody i haven't either but it seems like the perfect a perfect fit i don't know what is the perfect fit because lebron is the most unique player who's ever played the game on and off the court like there's there's more to playing with lebron the circus that comes to town when lebron is on the team and you're going to go in there and you have to try to fit in with him and you know you saw these younger players on the lakers it's hard to fit in with lebron because that's your idol and you're looking over your shoulder like is he happy am i making him happy my shooting too much my dribbling too much now players talk about the look that michael jordan would give them when he when they played with the bulls you didn't want the look because that meant jordan was unhappy with you i just think that feeling of going in there and you got to win you're expected to win and rob pelinka for as many arrows as he's taken on he was custard there for a while if he somehow polls this off that'd be a pretty good come but he can win comeback is there a comeback g._m. of the year because he he could win the comeback g._m. of the year after and maybe magic was getting in the way here although i will say you had lebron wanted to go to lakers anthony davis wants to go to the lakers they didn't have to give up kyle kuzma which was incredible but they gave up a whole lot to get anthony davis if feels like your you work at the lakers you're like a salesman at a ferrari dealership everybody wants to buy a ferrari you're just people walk in you just take their dough everyone wants to be ever wants to be a link there was a while where they couldn't even get meetings with free agents lamarcus aldridge didn't even take a meeting with them before heading to san antonio but i don't think the lakers are considered a dumpster fire today did they make a mistake with the salary cap with anthony davis yes did they clear that salary cap space yes they did and i think that they also lebron gave up his number twenty three anthony davis and i base i think that that was basically that cost four million dollars because anthony anthony davis were number twenty three you go to the lakers they say hey you know that the trade kicker that we owe you four million can you wave that okay can i have number twenty three place lebron can you give up twenty three for four million dollars yeah you got lebron what number six good okay hey and we make more money we start printing more money because we got more jerseys to sell yuga to have lebron james number six yes but doesn't it feel like the lakers are going to be lebron kouzmin anthony davis some other guy that they get and then six players from the a._a. like who who are they going to fill out their roster with i think the he'd had mario chalmers you guys can check when the big three before the big three it was detain wade and mario chalmers and then they brought in bausch and lebron and then they started to fill out that roster and you're going all right but you had the big three i think i.

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