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To practice those things. Melissa will WTO news. Coming up in money news after traffic and weather. A good bottle of wine for under 8 bucks. I'm Jeff label. It's three O 8. We've had traffic and weather on the 8s and let's check in with Dave dill diamond. The WTO traffic center. And on the beltway in Virginia on the outer loop traffic in the main lanes is now jammed from one 23 past 66, the crash before Arlington boulevard with fire rescue units on scene. Two left main lanes are blocked, but they're also blocking the right four 95 express lane. Traffic in the express lanes gets by to the left with a brief delay. Traffic in the main lanes with long delays gets by to the center and to the right. 66 west bout feeling some bailout from the beltway with slow traffic leading to one 23, also slowing down now on Centreville. Eastbound traffic is heavy toward Boston, but with Wayne's open inside the beltway. 95 southbound very slow lorton into woodbridge beyond one 23. The disabled vehicle near Prince William Parkway was towed out of the travel lanes, all of which are now open. 95 south found some slow traffic and separate stretches through Stafford county. Beltway traffic is also slow between maclean and Bethesda as it is on the Italy through Silver Spring and both loops near lanham and landover, prince George's fire, rescue looking for a report of a fire at the branch avenue interchange, caller did see smoke. 95 northbound slow from 32 toward 100 roadwork on the left, now we've got a crash on 29 northbound, near route 40. We had one there yesterday and the day before that. For over 35 years and the DMV Greenberg had better but it's helped tens of thousands of clients who had heard it auto accidents are victims of medical malpractice. GB lawyers dot com feel better. Dave dillin WTO traffic. Now to 7 news, meteorologist Steve rudin. Looking good and feeling great for the remainder of the afternoon hours, lots of sunshine to enjoy with temperatures just near 70°, partly cloudy skies overnight, wake up readings upper 40s to middle 50s, passing clouds for your Friday, a lot of sunshine

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