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Rest and rehab. Maybe does come back. He's on the 60 Day. I l We have light sax baseball tonight at 6, 30, Connor Len. And Darren Jackson with your pre game and then your call of the first pitch tonight between the Blue Jays and white socks and an awful lot of adversity, and we haven't even reached the halfway point of June. And they've done well with it so far. Um and you just wonder if they can continue to do well. They do have the great pitching. Let's talk to the voice of the White Sox right now. Len KASPER joins us each and every week he joins us right now in the Corona hotline. Then what was your reaction when you heard the news about Nick Madrigal? Well, you know it's interesting guys, because you know, I do that Tony LaRussa show every day and We generally have a time frame and that got pushed back a little bit, so I immediately thought it's probably about an injury. And then when Rickon shows up on the media zoom You go. Oh, and he even alluded to that, so I didn't expect it to be good news. And it wasn't the first place I go as I feel really bad for the player. It's the way I felt when a lawyer went down. It's the way I felt when Luis got hurt. And it's definitely how I feel with Nick, who was having a really nice stretch. I mean offensively, starting to hit the ball for Gap Power. Four triples to Have a share of the American League lead. I think defensively has been much better here of late. Just a guy you can count on every day in your lineup and to now no That he might not be available for the rest of the year, which would be the worst case scenario and I think you have to kind of operate with that, at least in the back of your mind. If you're the White Sox, it's pretty devastating. And the other part is Now that you look ahead. There wasn't a ton of depth in terms of middle infield here, and you're really starting to test that. Fortunately, it's a team that's in first place, and that helps a lot, But it's a bad one. Not going to lie. It's amazing isn't Atlanta I just mentioned the adversity that this team is face? We're not even to the halfway point. June 13 games over 500. I mean, you've got some great individual performances from their rotation. But the vibe in that clubhouse has been so good and so strong at at some point, you know, All of these injuries have to take their toll on their record, doesn't it? Well, Not necessarily Tom. I mean, I think that I think they are really good. And I think they're deep generally, and you give this front office a lot of credit and and the manager and the staff and the players themselves for having Defensive versatility, with all the infielders having to play the outfield. I think that's kind of the silver lining behind all this, but I look at the Toronto Blue Jays. I mean, half their bullpen is on the injured list. The Yankees have been One of the most ravaged teams in baseball, the last two or three years with injury and they just won 100 games every year, right? The Dodgers have battled a lot of injuries, so nobody feels sorry for you, anyway, is an industry type thing where a lot of guys right now are hurt an important players. But it doesn't make it any easier in the moment, I guess when you have to contemplate life without a guy like Nick now I don't know if and when a Loy and Luis Robert are going to be back, But I think the flip side to this Is for these three guys in particular. If you get them back at all this year Now you kind of feel like it's a bonus, and it could be a huge lift late in the season. If any of that happens, Len, I know you're an exceptionally sharp guy. I do not know. Apologies, whether or not you have a medical degree, but I'm going to ask you the question anyway. Okay, But kin is there any way to connect any of these dots? I know the alloy injuries and upper body injury and they Robert Injuries, a hip injury, But you just mentioned there's a series of of injuries across Lee. Can you point to anything that would explain why they're so many injuries? Not just with this team that may be in major league baseball to this point, I can't. I think there are some theories out there about the starting the stopping the starting again last year. That weird year everybody had And that somehow could be connected. But I I don't really know. I know. Every team is trying to figure out how to prevent These things from happening, But at the end of the day, man.

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