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Um so michael has wanted to ask you this in the new walked in and said that you had a couple of tips for him michael has a fate cough that he does every morning and it's pretty distinct and i've had to europe for the last hundred years don't fuel we don't you fuel which sometimes you just gotta get up in the morning no no bye no i think a lot of my patients feel like that night you just go to like i feel like i got to get the do it so everyone can or can't do any to here's sam okay that's totally analogy calf but okay so we were talking about this before we did the podcast and i went and did the skin i showed you my crazy skin reaction yes the dow with showed her everything about eu she has your whole like him and evening your migraines if we're going to get into a could so i showed you that but that's because i had this crazy skin reaction that i haven't really told a lot of people about it was years ago i had occurred skin reaction i went and got a allergy tests were they put the pouches on you yes and well the thing with those argue test as yes they've tested you for the top sixty or seventy antigens in southern california i like i do those tests on patients better there's not seventy antigens there's a one million things you could be allergic to what do you think that i could be allergic to me be me because i'm sleeping next to gaza we may someone told me that was my adrenal with coffee maybe but then i stop during that zoe needed just taken allergy pills every day so if you wanna know if you have allergies there's to approaches what worries me though want us test you and pinpointing spot something but sometimes people caught from now.

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