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Okay. I'm listen. I don't know if you saw my man's videos yesterday of him shooting half hour. And making them like with ease. But I'll say we signed a petition to keep my man in Charlotte any becomes. Ooh. That was I went to the game last night to that. They had they were in there for a while. I'll say we saw we could you do it. Would you wanna do? Those those do so frigging tall. I would be. I will look like him Bader. Like literally like Kimbe is like almost my height. You can take you date. People say we're going to be a little bit just run down the court as fast you can. Nobody's gonna step in your way. It was so funny though, last night DeMarcus cousins, I don't know. If y'all sorta highlights like he picked up a shoe and threw it and the freaking sue was about to hit Kelly in the head. And I caught shoe. Are you serious been all over? Yes. Bien like, oh, man. He gotta take for it. So that's what they talking about. Mostly ain't realized that I was the one that. Oh, my he threw it like literally about the hitter hit petition idea TD for the Charlotte Hornets. I'm cool. Really good news to all right? I forgot talking to Mike. I'm trying to find the video you got it. Thanks for having. Sure, we'll do this again. So much fun hanging with us guys. But what you did not see is. They were so into the conversation that the two of them decided they were going to go have hot chicken in Nashville after our conversation. I would've loved to have gone, but I decided their time alone. Right before Thomas had to catch his flight back Thomas, by the way, much appreciated that he hopped on a plane for this and stay tuned because Chris lane he's got a tour all summer he'll be torn with Brad paisley. But for Thomas, no, he could be in a new NFL uniform with that will be a lot of fun to watch. If you had find listening to this episode. We should listen and subscribe to other great episodes of players this really is that tees of things to come. Because if you enjoyed this one check out your feet and a couple of weeks, we cannot wait to tell you what we have in store you can find these on apple podcast, Google play or anywhere. You get your podcast and do not forget to leave a review while you're there. Thanks to the folks at Kanaan's thirteen for all of their production work, especially Bobby t I'm gonna see next time. Thanks.

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