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Such short notice we really do appreciate it yeah very welcome thank you so much for doing that for a family to a listening that the second important hi am of opportunity for all about Hey I hope it will grab those the campus to connect with our kids on a different level and really seven promotion potentially a lifeline wave of dealing all of what's going on right now in a really differently than they might have and we might have before thank you for that yeah you got it thank you doctors that we appreciated by the way they have telehealth services that are available they've been doing all throughout code nineteen and so if you need to connect with Perry Kerr it's easy to do that and meet with other folks who can help you through as we all battle this from a mental health perspective salute Lee when we come back on the don and Steve show Jamie Foxx gives a an emotional speech in Minneapolis beyond say calls for justice will get to those stories and an emotional song from Mariah Carey all coming up next my.

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