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That are in the special operations and reconnaissance community who have died for this nation who have been severely wounded in combat. Thank you for that allow me to make that personal message. Let's go back to your calls. I'd like to talk about the strange caller we had with regards to Notre Dame. Let's go to line four Ed at you with us. Dr Gorka is a professor of history. I have a great deal of respect for you. What you do and my wife is a political refugees from the Soviet Russia. So we also we also have great respect for you and your family. Thank you. And just real real quick here. I just wanted to say that the caller called in before about the Jesuits and the harm. They did a lot of the Jesuits did a lot of good. They. The dominicans. They talked about the the rights of the indigenous people people should really research that a little bit more carefully. Martin Luther King day. I just wanna share a brief quotes. And Dr king that I think is relevant to America right now. He said, he he lamented. The fact Dr king in one of his sermons. He said, he lamented the fact that right and wrong today are relatives to the likes and dislikes questions of a particular community. Said that this mentality is tragic breakdown of objective, moral standards. So Dr king was a man like his niece who stood up for objective truth. And that's the problem. The last doesn't believe in objective truth. And that's why you know, we're in trouble. We gotta get back to God and truth is the truth that will set a scrape. Thank you. That's actually one of the points of one of my chapters in why we fight this idea that truth is just plastic and you get to define this by yourself and that everybody has their own individual truth. It's not true. There's only one if truth is a word has meaning there's only one truth by you're right. This is the left's goal if they can make it completely subjective than anything is possible. This is what we're fighting remember, but spot icus. While the Senate is said in the Cavagnaud hearing what Cory Booker said he used the phrase truth. There is no such thing as her truth. It's ridiculous. Either an event occurred or didn't occur either Cavanaugh is a serial rapist or he's not there's no alternative opinions. But you're absolutely right. Thank you for calling for nailing, it that is the challenge that we face. Now, I'd like to give you a personal challenge to think of at least one thing that you no longer do that you wish you could do you miss some sports activity that.

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