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I love this country and and i love the people that the supply of tooth's country do we make flatscreen tvs in america i i i don't know i know that coming to uh wisconsin is a compound of that's a chinese company that manufactures iphones ipads all of that but do we do we manufacturer in any way and american flat screen tv i don't think we do i really don't think could do i know we do in this country that they don't have over there do not have the trump bridge and the guy here the inventor of the trump bridges with me on the phone rob welcome eight by the fabulous man fabulous where are you right now no you're someplace with that trump bridge i can't stomach why upper traffic we got up i'll try air i saw its we got kid rock the biker truck jeff by the way i all right apart off got it back or hair based on the question you stole my question because i saw that and i think that's great a so assure you are on record as your support and kid rock now pat piper i kept rocking hey fought back date it it art at out our vega shut up go beverages owner august he's he's he's a straight up real american he's like a greece senators fingernails guy that said never frigates as you know the americana but here's the deal and i don't have any i don't know yet me i i love the idea of kid rakkason it be great but i've still waiting to see what happens here we have not heard from some other people there some other really good candidates out there so i gotta hear british cash i agree with what you're saying i got cabin yeah that's that's a good point and so you got him now on the bridge along with trump on top what can fled argh what kind of feedback you're gonna find and then low the republicans are this for example i know you've been out to a couple of events with that where uh what they're lena epstein has been speaking how how they all feel about hey kid rock what katter got it can pray that critics craig if they get shut ashley bush's she's come around its lena epstein and she's come around and and.

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