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Hi this is Gilbert Godfrey and Gilbert Godfrey Amazing Colossal podcasts with my co host Frank Santo jury our guest. This week is a town that actor isg of both the big and small screen as well as and a orrick awareness advocate and the founder of the John Ritter Foundation for a order. You know her work from popular. Tv shows such as Dallas Magnum. Pi Designing Women. Get on life judge. Shoot Me Hot. In Cleveland Clones. Modern family pretty little liars and Show that I did do episode. Sweep hurt wing. And which she started. It's the uptight high-strung Casey Davenport. She's also done memorable work. In feature film pretty woman the Mass Home for the holidays robinhood Madden Robin Hood. Men Tight Dracula dead. I shut the fuck up dragged men Tie Rob Robin Hood. Men IN TIGHTS DRACULA. Dead and loving it. And perhaps her proudest moment. Sharing the big screen with her favorite and detainee derm problem child and problem child two four decade career that big one and career. She began laying sheet which again by playing a Russian spy with an accent. She swiped from Abboud Winco cartoon she's worked with Mel Brooks gear. Jim Carrey Julia Robert jodie foster an Robert downey junior ashwell. It's amazing colossal podcast guests were Lewis Carroll leaper Steven Weber Tim. Matheson Jason Alexander and Dick Van Dyke please welcome to the show up funny firts perform and now woman who Mel Brooks once described as Deborah Kerr with little Jewish old man inside asked me Gilbert how many times we worked together. Oh yes ready okay. Well so aiming. How many times have we worked together for? I think she's a child. One problem child to wings twice wings twice. Yes but I would just like to say you never right. You never call. Yes and now he's calling. I'm sure you were Lewis Right. You were the easy sleazy Stereo salesman pronounced use your and my I was while it was supposed to be my uncle the late Great Bill Hickey. Right as a matter of fact I watched the episodes last night amy. Your character is sitting at the What is that the coffee bar? I don't know what it was lunch. Counter Counter Counter Gilbert. You come over and make a pass at her and she says. Let me see how to put this exactly? Yes I stick my finger down my throat. We are assuming that Casey had a gag reflex bill intact but never I never developed her her back story so I think I was making it. You're in the Christmas episode to Gilbert. Were the you're on the house in the. Yeah the the the all the wallets go missing. You don't remember guilty. I do. I do remember the Christmas was good. Wasn't that strong that Christmas episode. I don't know I thought it was a Dinger out agreement. I didn't remember it till the thirtieth anniversary of wings by the way what. Shut your fucking face thing. That's not a good sign. I remember align from wings that I don't know if I did with you or wave and bring it up. You're going to feel snow. It's not tell me to go fuck myself. That's or with the other. What was her name? The boss era forty. No the blonde are still Bernard but I remember. There was one where one of you says to me. You are the most loathsome disgusting person I shore and I go. Oh so you've been checking me out. That was improvised out. I didn't know they were rolling. I was just trying to tell you something. She says. Head to toe you the most repulsive man I ever met Ashish. Yeah for some reason Ami your your debut episode called twisted sister is not on Hulu. It's missing from the wings run. Yeah we need to investigate this. That's very weird. Let's call. Would we call Steve Levitan? We'll call Steve. Levitan will call somebody. We'll call Weber now. Don't don't get it started. Don't poke that bear. Tell us about working with him because we had him on the show we love. Yes Stephen Crazy about him. A hundred percent crazy about him and I got a really good job. One time. All Yes in Dracula Lasts Mel Brooks Mel as I call him has had somebody else in mind for the part. And I said have you met Steven Weber and then day fell in love Stephen Mel and then he was he was in Dracula. Dead and loving it or as somebody just wrote to me literally literally on facebook. Yeah I'm on there okay. What are there was a lady that wrote to me? A girl and her name was her name is amy has BEC. I'm going to say the last name because I wanted to check her out but with a with a nice Colombian last name and but her first name. Is Amy Yeahs back so I wrote her and I said hi. Nice to meet you A. Is this a family name because there are aspects all over? Its Lebanese last. Name got around so she said she wrote back in it. Google translates is like no my father named me in your honor. He saw you in a movie. Called Happy Dracula Dracula is almost. Don't want to say it out loud because I could've used as my password for everything so the aspects sometimes spelled with an essence sometimes spelled with a Z. Like our friend craven. Yes you're correct. You're David's cousin. Here's the deal. Here's the deal. I'm going to say yes on that because okay. Lebanon.

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