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Email before I Came over here From a twenty two year old recently graduated from University of Washington Aerospace Engineer. He did his first deal. One point five million bucks. It closed yesterday evening. I had dinner or a drink with him the night before and I said you gotTa do the takeaway close. I said time to fuck off and walk through the door and close news pro- Cross my fingers. That if he does it right he's GonNa blow up in his face okay and email. He says I did the hard close Mr Pena and it worked. He melted at the table or tell them. Don't let the door hit you in the ASS on the way out asshole and so I mean I often often that saddle. We just did that last week with someone that was like saying. No no no no Mike Technical. Fuck off thirty seconds later okay. Final do correct unbelievable. Yeah but today And my kids my I call everybody kid because I'm old enough to be grandfather. Father my kids that have used yourself. Say It's good I I've never used it. I'm a hammer closer. I'm not a finance closer. I either beat you to death at the table. I've seen the sun go down and come up at a coffee table. Use It because it's not magic. It's just it's the truth about persuasion so I find the greatest salesman in the world. You'd have stated but if you say Oh shit fuck it exactly. That's why I'm so good at what I do is basic truths about selling for that matter running business basic core truth that just run through it. Let me Gosh. I don't WANNA I don't Wanna you're beyond like steps for success but just if you can really break it down like if you're the average kid out that kid but what was keeping give me a cappella. What's the plan? I mean I laser. The laser beam focus. They focus one focused on the few not many focus on the menu meaning Most of the kids that are most adults have got four or five projects none of which are worth a shit okay and so. They're trying to make them all work because they're afraid to walk away away because they spent too much time develop in it. The great thing about the Internet is the results are instantaneous. Yet kids work on APPS and programs And enright code not for an hour a week a month but years and they get no results..

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