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Know, there's a game of thrones quiz out there. Michael go who's the supposed to be toppling Theresa May? But she survived again. She's flying off to do the final details on the bracket deal that she's gonna take back and get rejected by parliament, then show Paul apparently because Jacob Rick moss and the rest of the conservatives couldn't get forty eight of their number to say, no confidence vote. So we're following that. But Michael go was supposed to put the night in in fact is sticking in the cabinet, and he took the game of thrones tested when he tweeted it out. So I took it to and I turned out Tyrian, Lancaster. So I asked radio blogger who you can see right there. Then meteorologist of the Hugh Hewitt Show. If only added producer instead of a meteorologist, and there is the meteorologist and Adam young man together, they have they've got thirty six years of of. Not showing up in the morning. And then gentle Ben is in his first year. And so thirty seven years, and it turns out I have to Searcy Lancaster's in a shea working for me. And that's that's not good for the they have a long and very complicated plot unfolding here. That is very very dangerous to me. I think to Searcy Lancaster's honest to goodness. I am Tyrian. Lancaster? Lancaster as many of, you know, the Salvation Army is at work in California at paradise, California at work in southern California. They're at work in Florida at Mexico City beach in the panhandle and Tyndall air force base. They've got showers up and running. They're everywhere. Disastrous start strikes at said Salvation Army the listeners to the show in the first few days in five dollars and fifteen dollars in one hundred and fifty dollar contributions have produced thirty one thousand dollars in donations. Thank you. That's a great start. I want ten times as much because we can do that. And poised Anita admits thirteen million focus on that children thirteen million get their Christmas if they get any Christmas from the Salvation Army thirteen million. In addition, I've talked a lot about the epidemic of opioid addiction and crystal meth addiction, and I've talked about beautiful boy. And then they're gonna Ben is back, and we're going to have the mule all the movies who takes care of the people. Who fall out of every other rehab program down to the gutter, and they have no one to take care of them, and their families rightly have said, no more, no moss. And they're done. That's the Salvation Army. So when you throw into the red kettle, thank you. And if you haven't seen a red kettle, you can go to hughhewitt dot com and use the red kettle there and say, and and it stays in your community, by the way, fire and flood and all the disasters..

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