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Annoying question you have to ask in now week three of the fantasy football season with that being said restart higgins he was a target muscle last week disarm over to you i held their donte montgri oh yeah oh i start of over moncrieff because i'm done with him on the moncrieff you're you're bent auto andrew luckiest man krief i can't wait for him to be able to slap at base and score touchdowns again but that will not happen until andrew luck is back a flat bench you know i liked that there had been laughed that bin salah it's a lot more thanchi the than funky i wa want to bonn game i will not armory chard hagans but if i lost my matched up with d by held nama bench i'd be a difficult mental exercise the remainder of that day yeah i mean maybe year i don't know that i would start him over to you i i think t why is still they're they're both good i hate this manager luck come back it's such a shame to have good do you have any dreams mic about retard higgins thing i can give us some insight here now no not not a thanking on hagans ends bate of i think a higgins is a good wide receiver i think he was a great pick up this for this waiver wire run and i i guess i mean if you're if you're ever going to play higgins this is a a very good match up to do it all right well here's the deal we've got one more match up to go through and there were going to do our starts of the week guys buck in ears the tampa bay buccaneers take on the minnesota vikings uh i'm not thrown a line out there is a line doesn't make sense right now not knowing what's sam bradford status is really that's what this entirety the the the big story line here is does sam bradford play if he plays at home if he's at home playing we've seen what he's capable of was to find dates adam phelan whipped alvin cook with qiao rude off.

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