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Whatever but anyway point being saying the bazars still needs work nikki crosses one of those people like to help shane obeys or look good and it just did her no favors on this night and i could care less about this match the women's division is in a very strange place because shane this top but she's not the person it's like ronda rousey being in the championship match she's not ready for that top spot it shouldn't be hers but now they've moved so many people at an exterior like well where do you go from here but you know we'll say i don't know where it chain based goes from here i mean i love this up curious i would not i'm not gonna say that i love to see but baiser bianca bel air feud will be great but i don't think either them are ready for that type of attention yet bianca is even shane this four but she's had a lot they stashed her for a long time shane spotlight the thing about bianca blair's we we haven't we've seen her work power like your restless power wrestling we haven't seen beyond kabila or shayna basil do his work underneath as the underdog in a match and i don't know those two styles in ring right now probably wouldn't work well to get they probably wouldn't mesh like i need to see bianca bill or work underneath and she did that a little bit on any st this week but not enough like i need to see more of that in baiser you know i don't like matches where in this kind of issue with the velveteen during ricochet match i don't like you get your shit and now it's my turn now it's your turn now it's my turn they've been flow is kind of the fame rhythm and i'd like to see a little bit more a little bit more from bazeley she's not showing me much showing me that sees a bully but i need to i need to see her wrestler different style match she hasn't done yet yeah i mean at this point she barely anyone get offended so i don't even know if she can sell we'll see she has some time but i mean her best match me still was the may young classic and she lost that one so it'll be interesting to see how that goes then we had to black versus large sovan i didn't mind it was andre the giant spot if you're right but i thought marcel event shown that he can work himself to a real match which his key there was some giving take in this match that was really good donington bothered me was the botch at the end where lars did know exactly what it stand and he you know just got hit by the wind of a black mass kick and then ramle notice he was wrong and toppled over and then at least they didn't end on that those two more and you get you know you get a alastair black standing over him getting that image my problem now becomes hours to black is becoming chief and as a champion when he can't headline takeovers and understand the guard donald feud is high in the trump refused out and it's gonna continue hours to black needs to be standing with that built at so.

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