Zijad, Crowder, Jimmy Butler discussed on The Bill Simmons Podcast - Fultz to Philly, PG-13 Trades, and What Is Boston Doing? (Ep. 227)


I i still would stand by that pick then i i would i would have taken murray sugar you just said we had too many cards sagging take the gert french drill on it at twenty troops and then we took zijad 23 who's gonna be on the team next year near your level added i am looking ages a find drafter he's not a bad drafter i don't know where that narrative got started i don't i don't think i think he's had some swings and mrs but you know he says they pick some good players okay you you must be doing a podcast of aimed wave today if it if you want me to go along with air will now i listen i i've been i was very unhappy at a couple of those drafts and i do think the rosia draft they missed out on a bunch of chances to to to that stand out as just felt bad in the moment and then turned out to be bad where the rosia draft and then the the the sondra melo draft which was just cleansing that we didn't just didn't get anybody who really help the team at those to drag and here i mean we had pre tweet picked um and just missed i don't think you can hit a home run on one of them you know and then and we just don't we just didn't um so wait a second quick because we we gotta go so quickly if they trade okay number if they traded the number three picking crowder for jimmy butler and we ended up turning that number and pick and a jimmy butler and that laker pick are you down with that.

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