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Just underway rump petco park nothing nothing in the first one out nude ideas strikes outswinging hype after world allen hit ninety five up moslem our gayle shown pretty good stuff here at the start of this one that's his first strikeout to down nobody on four hundred pence we are coming to you live from the whole lion airlines broadcast booth it is a smaller crowd here today still lots of james fans review and on sunday afternoon maybe people leisurely making their way into the ballpark pants i am a quiet series other than the one swing of the bad in the yesterday's game where he knocked in a couple of runs its is only hit of the first two games but it was an important head he fouls the first pitch from kale back to the backstop its on one two down nobody on for pence well pitch hunter takes ball you was diving out of the way and that one snapped in almost was right into the zone just missed inside dance not reading the spin on a curve ball one in one the pitches bounce softly toward thirds ranji bird has a writer the bag snaps with wrote a first time james go down the order and the job of the i did a gone we go to the bottom of the first larger will take the mound after happening j it's nothing padres coming up.

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