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Hey there in welcome to tech stuff. I'm your host Jonathan Strickland haven't executive producer with how stuff works iheartradio and love all things tech. And before I jump into what is going to be the main focus pun intended for this episode. I want to mention something about RCA because we're continuing our story bell RCA and something that happened RCA nineteen forty eight that was the year that Howard Hughes would by controlling stake in our KO pictures, the motion picture company and also theater chain RCA had purchased a theater chain and created our Cao's specifically in order to get a foothold with its optical on film sound system. So if you listen to the earlier episodes of our CA, you remember they went so far as to create an entirely new film company in order to establish. This technology will that being done now in nineteen forty eight. They no longer saw necessary to keep this motion picture company around and sold off the controlling interest to Howard Hughes, someone that I should probably do a full episode about in the future, but that is one complicated cat right there. Anyway, in nineteen forty nine David Sarnoff the man who was the general manager. And then the president of RCA would then become the chairman of the board of RCA the Elsa remained on as president of the company. So he had unprecedented control of RCA and Sarnoff. You may remember had a bit of a reputation of being something of a control freak someone who really wanted the company he worked for to excel and he greatly resented. Anyone who appeared to stand in the way of that? Well and the previous. Upset the most recent one I talked about how RCA was a pioneer in consumer electronic televisions, and how the US government forced RCA to spin off one of its to NBC radio and television networks, which would become ABC. Also, remember CBS the third of those of the the big three networks in the United States actually grew out of a talent agent's failed attempts to get his clients booked on NBC radio shows, so we are now in an era, and which we have three broadcast giants NBC ABC and CBS and NBC in ABC both came from the same company CBS came out because no-one NBC would hire. This guy's talent. Interestingly so television is slowly starting to pick up, and as I mentioned at the end of the last episode RCA would push a new innovation in the early nineteen fifties, which was colored television. But RCA wasn't the only. Company working on color. TV CBS was also very much in the game. Both companies had been experimenting with color TV strategies since the nineteen forties. And it was a CBS engineer who seemed to win at least at first. Now, I want to chat about this for a moment as well. Because the system that this guy made was truly amazing and it was dependent upon peculiarity of human biology. We have what some people refer to as the persistence of vision. This is the same thing that makes animation work for us animation, or or film, if you're looking at a real film, you know, like sewing this actually posted to photographic film is just a series of still images if we play those still images back at a fast enough speed, we perceive what appears to be movement. Even though if you were to slow it down enough you'd see it's just a series of still images. There's no actual movement happening. The human eye and brain can process about ten to twelve separate images per second and can retain an image for about a fifteenth of a second..

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