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Off. In front of shilling Qazi on the dock for Bentley. Against Bowery wins the tap it. Air force comes away with the puck in the corner advancing, but only as far center rice is going to be Gavin. Then he coughs it up. Atley sends it right back in garages with the chance to pick it up along the wall sends it to cook Cook lost the pocket. It's held in that the blue line by Bentley shot in from there and that got through a lot of traffic, and it's a pad save by Alex shilling to keep this a 11 time. Pockets behind the net cooked From behind the Net, finds a man that's horn horn or tripping ahead for no Noten with speed catches up to the pot, but he's got too much steam he puts on the brakes. He's in too deep to take. The shot tried to feed from the corner taken away by Bentley, but note gets a stick in their taps it free. It's still lose along the far boards. Bentley will come away with the puck. Skating away with it is going to be Ethan Harrison rims it around to the near side. It's intercepted momentarily by air Force and ask us gaskets, then went into a defender of stick battle going on. Along the wall near side and that center ice Bentley will have the puck. They drill it back into the air Force in played by Alex Shilling gives it to a teammate. Cook going by to Robinson up the right wing Robinson will send it in and leaving the goal mouth is the goaltender Kirk. He'll play the pump. No, he'll just sit on it because there were a couple of blue jerseys in the.

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