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A service of our friends at IDA the owner operator independent drivers association fighting for the rights of the men and women behind the wheel you can get your membership started today by dialing toll free it's eight hundred four four four five seven nine one so I yeah we've been receiving calls here now with some questions about can I hold this can I hold that can I do this can I did on under the emergency declaration than from the D. O. T. and the relief or release rather of the hours of service regulations the end of the FMCSA obviously has been inundated with the same so maybe this will help a bit we got a list of frequently asked questions and answers from the FMCSA question number one our loads that include supplies related to direct assistance under the emergency declaration that are mixed with other unrelated materials covered under the declaration well the answer here from the FMCSA is generally yes however mixed loads with only a nominal quantity of quantifying emergency relief added to obtain the benefits of the declaration are not covered like that really answers the question if it's all subject to interpretation but what you're saying if I've got one pallet out of eight talents is is that enough that's still in my mind leak leaves a lot of blank space our question number two is a driver required to take a thirty minute break the answer is no none of the hours of service regulations apply while the driver is engaged in providing direct assistance under the relief exemption our next question how do the hours that a driver worked under the emergency exemption impact the sixty seventy hour rule when the driver goes back to normal operations well the answer that the the hours worked providing direct assistance under the emergency relief exemption do not count toward the sixty seventy hour rule next is a thirty four hour restart required after providing direct assistance under the emergency declaration according to the FMCSA no however upon completion of the direct assistance and prior to returning to normal operations the driver is required to meet the requirements of three ninety five three a and C. this includes for example the requirement to take ten hours off duty it would be eight hours if you're moving passengers and to comply with the on duty limit of sixty seventy hours in seven eight days before returning to driving is the driver.

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