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Probably did. But we didn't have that much to do with it. So. And then let me thank. Yeah. Then I ended up getting on survivor, and they said, we're going and all that. So I did that I got second in that I hated it. I hated survivor lie the mind game I didn't realize I was a paranoid person till the really you'll see two people talking on the beach and you're like, oh my God. Talking about me. I know what I'm going home. And, and funny thing is go into it thinking that no, I was going to be fine. Quick out there, plus your hunger. You're starving your mind starts playing tricks on you, but and I'm not a deceptive person. Like I if, if you ask me, if you're going home, I was probably gonna tell you. Yeah. Like, I'm not gonna sit there a lot of your face which aided they hated that wasn't dramatic. Terrible terrible person how much of that was because I, I think a lot of people think wonder this, when they're watching shows like that. Right. Like, is it? Pretty did it feel authentic. Or were there times that it was. Yeah. Bill Yana some stuff, though, if they want you to be like asked me one time about this. I'm Brenda who everyone thought I was with. I'm like, I don't know. I wanna cheeseburger, I that's all I was thinking about was food how, how hungry did you get where you not the hunger thing in your stomach? You only got only twice ever, but it's the mind that message leaving. Like when you get hungry physically don't happen twice. But what are you eating what we rice, you get rice, how many times a day twice how big bowl tiny, nothing like from there down two inches? And it's just couple spoonfuls of rice. Yeah. Socked terrible. But, but they're like you on about stuff, they'd be like, oh, so what do you think about Brennan? I'm just like if I could do it again. You play I played along with it, because it's like, yeah, she's cute. Yeah. Cool yada, yada. But I'm never said what they wanted me to say what they, I never had the relationship thing that they want, because that's Rama for them. Because first of all on national TV. I'm not gonna do that on national TV. Second of all, I didn't care about her. I wanted to cheeseburger, I literally just wanted food. That's all I thought about. So that was hardest part for me was that the thinking about food, the whole time you don't feel it like the hunger thing is finally goes away, but your week like just to get up and walk down the beach. It takes everything you got it sucked. But on top of that the mind games on top of that. You're just bored. It just wasn't that fun. It was a cool experience to do once. But I'm glad what was it? What was it like you came out of it? So my mom took me to I had a little girl, actually walk out to me at the. Airport. I of my buddies army ranger backpack that he gave me and little girl came about of still beer. This is a day after I made it all the way I got second. So like the night the next day, I flew home, this comes up to me, and she's like she said, thank you so much. And I'm talking like six year old maybe somewhere in there. And I looked at her. What do you mean? And she said, thank you for your service to our country. And I was like, oh man she thinks about POW or something I looked rough, but I just kind, not about having walked on. But and then I thought we did was a grocery store by that time out already. So one other story, like I mean by this time, I'm in the hotel in Miami, the next day, I'm flying home to North Carolina. And I walked by one of these rooms had set their tray out of the room because I were done with whatever they're eating. I took it to my room and eight, it's because you're so savage. That's only forty days. I can't imagine being a POW like for years. And he's like stories. You've heard I don't know how and you're getting shot at, and you don't know how I absolutely understand why. PTSD's thing. Yeah. Do you remember the first time you had a beer or something when you came back? We'll that night the show's over Nicaragua we had we drink some but your body, so jacked up. I didn't it didn't even know what to do with alcohol but we wanted to grocery store, my mom film that I was obsessed. I think we spent like five hundred bucks at the grocery store. I was just getting orios everything you could think of it. It's pretty weird. What forty days? We'll do. Yeah. Could you sleep how there? The first night rain on us, and I you know, sleep because it's just Trenton you the whole night. And then our thing, the hut, or whenever you Bill broken, we just miserable. But that's when I went back to Charlotte to. All right coach I'm back looking thirty eight pounds lighter. He's like, oh, dude. You can't there's no way you can do this job right now by the crow. Yeah. So go home get it together. Get your strength back. And then, then we'll talk, and I went straight to Nashville and hung out with Brian them again. And so that night, we went to ten roof, the bar, my favorite bar in Nashville, and they their roommate had just gotten real real real depressed. So he had to move out and that night. We are, at the bar, and I'm just like dude went on just move in and by the end of the night, I next day I went home back to Carolina. Got my stuff and moved in moved to Nashville. A year later we were writing together all the time. But nobody else would wanna right with us because we're the young is the they were. Right after yell type songs which back then nobody liked in Nashville because it was different. I mean it just sounded different than anything that we should have worked. And then we wrote cruise like a year later, and that's when it was just like, oh, man. This could get big real quick. You it there, just in your apartment in jesse's house. Jesse rice? And Brian Kelly who wrote together all the time and. And yeah. And then everything blew up for them and started blowing up for me crazy, when you think about, like the circumstances around every different thing that you did in the timing of all of it, right? It's crazy. And like I said, though the perspective that I have now compared to then I, I appreciate all the downs that I've had the last two years because now it's led to a number one song on the radio right now. The past two years. Well the label stuff when the line all that stuff. And it's just yeah I mean music's just it's a tough business, but it led to this more the label that I love the people. There crushing it. I mean we just got a two zero one song. And, and we're now we're gonna try to go for another one. I was wondering what harder? It's been like if you're an athlete, and you have a rough a really rough game or if you're having a rough day in music, or something, you know what I mean. Music's a little more on my own like. If I fail a music is a lot more on me. And I'm the only one I really let down. I guess, now could let down my band and stuff, but they can get other jobs. I'm sports. It's like if you screw up cost your team a game. I mean everybody's looking at you. Like, thanks, dude. He's just you just did that predate it. So worse. Yes, sports is a lot tougher in my opinion. Ryan heard I was having a podcast conversation with him. And he was talking about how to go from songwriter to make the decision to really try it as an artist. He said something like it was it's one hundred percent creativity before and it's ten percent now or just like the difference in the amount of time that you have to spend focusing on the people around you. You know what I mean? And like that team that you built around you and all that hard. That is fascinating. You have never heard it like that. But it's true. Like the last time I. As a writer, you just waking up and rent songs, every day you can kind of do what you want, but for me as a as an artist. That's why. Right, mild music, because I don't I don't know how writers, just right for other people like the day. We wrote cruise was not really writing for other people were just kinda right in the best. We could Brian got punked about it, and they cut it and and recorded. Like, but I'm a five to go walk in and say, what do you think we could do for Blake Shelton right now? He's kind of wanting something more uptempo, more energy. What could we write for him? I would I would I don't know 'cause all my stuff, so personal for the most part, that's like, especially lately that, if you hear you probably know I wrote it. So I don't know how do that for other artists. So what, what's the one that you're most pumped about for next for next lonely? If you are it's a I'll play for you. But yes, called long if you are too, I wrote with gun hundred Phelps I write we'd ever had and Lindsay Rimes, and he comes with this idea, it was like, man, I gotta idea of, like, basically girl, hit me up 'cause I'm, I'm lonely when you are is what he said, like I'll be there for you. I gotcha. If you're lonely, I'll be there, and I was like, what if it's lonely if you are if you're lonely? All right. I'm there. And that's kinda it's I've been in that situation probably more than. I should admit but yeah, you're just sitting there the girl hit you up that you're talking to she's kind of, you're not all the all in yet with each other, but should jumping like cool on their be there in ten. So it's kind of a cool place to be, though as a guy, it's like not too much commitment right now, this isn't too serious. But if you need me, I'm there. So that's kind of fun. It's funny. How my so my husband and I met in DC in DC and, and it was one of those situations where it's like we were not all in not all in, and then,.

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