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For unemployment at 18,000 course a lot of the rest the country is beginning to open up California Not as much. Let's check the final numbers as the tech selloff resume today. Out out four or five and 27 5 34 NASDAQ Down To 21 to 10,009 19 the S and P down 60 points Gold up 13 1968 Announced 10 Year Bond deal 100.68% Alright, 6 22 a kfbk. Thanks Kelly of dating you now on the bare fire in Butte County with reporter Mike Baka. Actually, they also are calling it the North complex West zone. Authorities air calling that but whatever you call it, it has been deadly. It has been a destructive Here's Mike. Yeah, well, what they're telling us now. 70,000 Acres 2000 structures destroyed. And, of course, the three deaths that were reported yesterday and Kitty, it really moved fast. In a westerly direction late Tuesday afternoon. Those those winds really pushed it from Plumas County Interview County and, of course, a lot of dry fuel when it made it dangerous. My quote of the firefighters been telling you that there's an unpredictability to it, which is kind of common for fires up here. And of course, we're very familiar, of course less than two years ago, the campfire Um, within about a 90 minute period yesterday, they were saying that it's moving in a northerly direction. Then they were saying northwesterly direction. Then they saw it shifted south, and that's Kind of commonplace right now they're saying it's moving. Suddenly ah little bit. They're still doing a lot of structure protection in the forest town area, Brush Creek, Feather Falls and the Lumpkin Ridge area. We know the firefighters are doing their job, but one can only suspect it's taking a toll. What's interesting is it's very dangerous to compare things to the campfire. But chief Gaddy yesterday that I never thought in my lifetime. I was something that would be similar in scope and how it moved. Like the campfire, and that's what they were telling me yesterday and they have been helped out by the weather. Today. They're very happy with what happened with the weather, lower temperatures and certainly helped. The winds are not gusting, but They thea unpredictability of it. Initially late Tuesday afternoon into the wee hours Wednesday morning, that's what really had them on edge. Yeah. Well, finally, I understand that we are getting help here in California from firefighters around the country and even the world Israel maybe Australia. Yes, and Chief Daddy again telling me the Suppression efforts, and the resource is have nearly doubled in the last 24 to 36 hours, which is great, which means the other fires around the state are not as bad and those resource is air now being shifted to this fire. Another interesting tidbit regarding this fire is the way they are mapping it. They're using Lake Oroville as a firebreak. So they are able now to put resource is in other places to protect structures. And if they have to, They're going to let that fire burn all the way down to the eastern portion. Eastern side. I should say of Lake Oroville and then protect structures and other areas. So it's weird to say this, but the topography which has always worked against Firefighters in Butte County. At times it's kind of helping them because of how big Lake Oroville is interesting. Well, Mike Baka, thank you so much for this report. Sure. Yeah. And in spite of that help that might just mentioned we are just hearing from the Chico Enterprise record. They just tweeted that seven more deaths have been reported due to this fire, bringing the total number 2 10. We'll have more from our wildfire desk at 6 53. It's 6 26 right now, here on kfbk and we'll have much more news ahead on all your top trending stories on news 93.1 kfbk and life everywhere on the I Heart radio app. Sacramento voices you can trust Christina Mendoza, Sam Shane Kfbk Morning News. All angle died because it matters Where you get your news on Sacramento's.

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