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Uh a white brick jolokia fear that right well normally their red that used to be the world's hard as fast as the harbin era ray what the hell of a new it boot joke here is a harbinger yeah no no it's not a home otago's pepper right sorry as i wish confuse to donate purity peppers in the studio the had it gives john wanted to saying i'm a pepper europe heffer we're all pepper to we'll see you would have brought their music oh you don't wrote that's whilst the here we give it giving offered through another other notoriously everybody knows who wrote that was a bearing down low atlanta yeah i think it's one of those guys yeah years ago wrote it yet barney exactly a very mental oh did the coq commercial why no years ago i was the most vegas here's another name out of out of your past john davidson who you'd have noisily what on bridge john daly's would it be on this show with katharina valenta and he hosted the hollywood squares for a while he did but he did a shell was the uh uh there you go see australia's archive who the other guy is the kind of chubby comedian dumb delaware he's katharina valenti i think it was called the entertainers well he he did a whole las vegas act where he's saying nothing but commercials every commercial back from the '70s and '80s this joe was like i'm a pepper europe sang all these were offering on entirely different tangent let's get back to the paper so dr more john beck nascar trivia i will tell people though right now we arguments occupations rude talking um some vegetables and stuff now the reason why we have these peppers in studio though is because it's too late to plant these peppers because now were already harvesting heifers are a warm seizing drop were hot seizing propagation saby's they love the heat they love of full sun in the heat so but this is a good time to start thinking about coming up you know for fall vegetables but then also next year planning on what you're going to be doing in kind of things you're gonna be growing seen what's else's new like john had mention there's are you imagine there's so many of raise peppers now an over there sandia susie she has over one hundred varieties.

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