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Or the only thing at all everything? Beer for breakfast beer for lunch for dinner fear for midnight, stacked just snack just beer every day for forty six straight. No food. No food just beer. Okay. So he's starving himself. Basically probably sounds like the dumb idea that only drunk more on came up with. But they'll says that he actually got the idea from an ancient tradition that dates back to the Bavarian monks of the sixteen hundreds. He says quote being brew masters. The monks USA, take a popular style of beer in Germany called Bock beer, and they would make an extra hardy and filling. So it would just be them drinking liquid bread, basically. And they could go all of lent just drinking that beer without eating any actual food. Okay. Yeah. They're sixteenth century monks. Who can do it? Right. But you're a modern day, man. Why would you want to? I've never seen a chubby monk before. It's true. They're always very skinny. About that. Oh said if those mountain monks could do it then he could do it too. So he gave it a shot and he would avoid getting drunk by spacing out his beer throughout the day to work drunk at work. And if you have no food in your system, I have half a beer, and I'm drunk. Maybe have one beer in our and actually made it he went a full forty six days without eating any actual food. Just to say that he has to have the best self control ever. Because not only is he not eating food and just drinking beer, but he's getting drunk, and they still voiding food. Yeah. That's true. I get drunk and I'm just like Maui on Doritos leftover pizza anything that's in my fridge. I will eat. He says it was especially tough to resist eating because he works in the beer industry. And he was costly surrounded by food and beer at restaurants and other social events, he says, sometimes it didn't matter if it was actually good food or not it just smelled great. And then your mouth starts watering. And it's super hard to be around food only existing on beer. Yeah. 'cause now you're like an angry beer drinker. But despite all the temptations he says he didn't cheat once during those forty six days saying, quote, I know that I have integrity, and I did the entire challenge without a single cheat. Their that was obviously really cool. And I was really proud of the fact that I that I did that since obviously, you know, overweight, and I've been a lot in the past so taking on something like this and doing it with such integrity. I'm really proud of that. I'm proud of the more you drink normally the more you gain weight like I can feel my body. Don't drink beer anymore. Just because I have a sip of beer, and then let you rest of role miata wherever I was at. Calories thing. Right. So if you're not eating eating less calories than you're burning in a day. You're going to lose weight. No matter what you ingest sugar and beer to did. He actually lose weight. The answer is. Yes. Because after the forty six day, beer, only diet was over. He lost whole of forty four pounds. Day, and he's not a hair works here. He drinks straight for forty six days. Like these. Is only his first food though was a giant bowl of guacamole. That's good. Of course, a beer after that. Yeah. But that's only weird diet trend making news over in China. There's something called these sun eating diet. Hip crowd is convinced that humans can do photosynthesis. Children son to replace one meal with a forty four minutes son, bath every single day. So. They believe that you'll absorb solar.

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