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From rice rice university in a recent episode you guys talked with the lack of engineers talent in the industry and the potential short supply in the future. You also mentioned that fresh graduates prefer the tech industry overwhelming gas and see what is a dirty industry. There are many reasons why the tech industry is so successful in attracting young talent one such reason is they encourage reach diversity all they care about the brain not the origin or the nationality of their talents over a period of time they able to track the best in the british around the globe however we do not see that much diversity in our industry in the u._s._a. Particularly we do not want to recruit foreign engineers and in fact the willingness industry is the worst in terms of sponsoring a work visa for the extremely talented glow engineers it professionals. There's no shortage of engineers outside the u._s. but we don't want them. If we continue to shy away from global talents it we'll take the industry down <hes> i worked internationally and four comments seen people from all over the world working together in the industry true global industry but not in the u._s. It's the biggest irony that there is no place for global town especially in huston listen in a global industry. One of the solution to this problem is delivering engineers and professionals outside the u._s. outside of u._s. Schools and make deals easier in terms of helping them with work permits. There's no shortage of a extremely talented professionals in the world. Hope industry leaders understand this and take necessary action before it's too late p._s. Lived in houston had i had experienced e._p._s. It was it yes as i don't know. I really hope you guys dare to challenge the status. Quo and clemson show which we did would it. You're here. I wanna talk to just say something first than mark determine if you've ever been to an s._p. Event if you've ever been to a a._t._c. event ever been to any engineering focus event in oil and gas even o._t._c..

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