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I'm the one I come to save the day and I only want till I'm done. So it's right you got the chance you got the feeling of a boy on the one hand, John Monica, I think you're the person among us that knows this, maybe the best about me, but I have loved Lenny Kravitz since 1989. I knew that that person was a Kindred spirit for me. I was always baffled by as a young person, the critical disdain for Lenny kratts, right? Talk about silk sonic and leave the door open. I mean, it ain't over till it's over is leave the door open for 1993 or whatever, right? I feel like the ways in which a person like Lenny Kravitz who was derided for being a ripoff artist. Like, oh, he's still out of this stuff. And he sounds like interesting. He's not the I mean, it wasn't even post modern then. It was just like, this is music he obviously liked. But we have now entered this phase in which he sort of looks like a harbinger or, I don't know, he presaged something. And now an organization that had no interest in Lenny Kravitz for the entire peak of his commercial popularity and artistic inspiration is now like, can you come out and pay tribute to our hothouse flower, her and play one of your ignored hits for us, please? They did Lenny like they did Nas to be honest. Yes. John Perez, is this strike you is my making any sense. This is like yeah, you're totally making sense. The Grammys catch up really late. It was great to see a key talk, come on. Yes, Jimmy and Terry, yes, it was nice to see Jimmy with his keytar. Her is someone who is extremely acclaimed in the context of award shows, but has not totally had the radio and other catalog that's totally caught up to that, although it is starting to balance out. But yeah, she had a couple of hits last year. A couple radio hits. I just wonder..

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