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Two thousand sixteen year before the two thousand seventeen and he was kind of giving me hints of stuff. He's going. You know, we know enough on June thirtieth that we'd really don't have to wait for the audit. We could just agree with the players association. What never we're going to use in that's going to be good enough. And that's exactly what they did. So there's no longer an audit based reason to have to have the July moratorium. It's now they're just as kind of cooling off period or a period of open to go Goshi Asian, but the fact that teams and players can announce okay, I'm going here. We've we've signed the square where we've agreed in principle to sign with the sky with the more trying list that's ineffective the same. It takes a guy off the table. So why not just allow a team to go ahead and sign the guy then and then you get out of the whole Dallas de'andre Jordan scenario that really hurt the league a couple years ago. All right. Here's another one. Rookie extension deadline is pretty simple. The rookie extension deadline used to be active over thirty first. Or if it was a weekend, it'd be a couple of days afterwards. Now that extension is the first day of the regular season. I liked that role. I liked having to do it before the start of the season to your don't have that hanging over you don't have the chance of somebody getting injured. So I mean, I guess you're not you don't get to see a few games of the guy in action before, but you do at least get training camp to get him in and kind of see what shape he's in that deck up. So I'd like, yeah. I like that there. I like that what I would give it like an eight. I think I think the tibial deadline was kind of arbitrary anyways. So. Yeah. Go for it will end then they kept though, the deadline for exercising rookie options and to have that be the end of October. And I actually think that's okay too. Especially getting a look at a guy this first couple of games when you have to look at something that far forward. It's not that something that's unilateral for the team. Anyway. So. There's less of an issue of kind of the negotiations being a distraction or something like that. So okay. The right sizing here, you you explain briefly what that is for it share. Well, the first thing to keep in mind. If you're going to understand this is that the players salaries are zero-some game. And you look into this before where the players are guaranteed between forty nine hundred fifty one percent of revenue becomes a set number and the players collectively get that amount of money to the dime. So it's really not about how big of a contract you're gonna get..

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