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I was always kind of a liberal and politically active, but like I felt myself kind of like feeling like I had to raise my voice. I feel like many people were feeling that way. And if there is some good to come of these really scary times that. Necessary actions taking place. Absolutely, the if you raise your voice, you can be heard and change can happen. And that's what that's what Justice Ginsburg as without a doubt shown us. I absolutely. I think I think the film gives people such great hope that that you the status quo can be shifted, and you can't fight against that. And how important it is with their money to speeches talks on the film about like it's been like this forever. It's been like this for hundreds of years. Why even talk about it? Well, it doesn't change unless we talk. And then when we change the law. It's like, it's only it only happens if we address it exactly end the conversation, you know, the conversation to start and then you shift things without without don's. What was what was the first time Rian the audience the first time that she was there that she saw the film? I saw the first time I saw it with Justice Ginsburg. It was even interesting saying Justice Ginsburg, I know so well as. So I often move between the two, but we all watched it in Washington together, which was. It was just been a fascinating experience. And it was a very very emotional experience for me, and I were in tears. The director. Yeah. Mimi leader, who's done a phenomenal job of of making the story completely human and completely accessible and understanding who Justice Ginsburg as as a as a human being, you know, all the all the trials and tribulations and not backs. The everyone has to know that she's had those two it's really interesting helpful when you when you look at her now, and and see the position that she's got to. But, but it was just it was very special to see the joy on her face on the on the love that she has for the foam because if one person that you about liking it, it's all the other of us you kinda less while the than than than host. I'm approve you touched on a little bit. But the relationship between her and Marty her husband relate husband is so sweet. And he was clearly. Just a true partner in every way to that must've been emotional for her to see that as as army did definitely. Well, the first time they they screened the film Daniels from nephew who wrote the screenplay. He tells the story that I'm just Justice skins bug bust out of the room the film had finished and she walks out of the screening room, and everyone was nervously waiting and then and then Daniel ton to his his mother. His sister said why is she gone said, oh, she's gone to the bathroom. But it was an she came back, and she said how much she should love the foam. But what was interesting is pops. How move should been to see the foam and be reminded oversee of of husband late husband. And that it was interesting when I went to our appointment, and we had we had coffee together. And she was showing me various things Maltese pots and pans. That's still in the kitchen. They don't get used so much now because. Is a terrible cook. But I'm Monchy showed me pictures of Ramadi and just in everyone the love and respect and the and the just being on the same team. And how you know how if? Yeah. Yeah. We don't get many examples of that. A bit of a different vibe. I'm sure then the rogue one press tour. You don't have a Wiki with you. But you have six foot nine army hat along. Justice ginsburg. I would say has the force in hunt. And you can think of and you'd say who has the fullest. It would be wouldn't it?.

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